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All the Small Things

(01/23/19 7:05am)

Sitting in the library, surrounded by a mountain of textbooks on Theories of Government, I pull out my phone for some momentary distraction. I begin to scroll through my Instagram feed, mindlessly gazing at all of the expertly edited, effortlessly posed pictures that pop up on the screen. Sipping my cup of coffee, I pass pictures of gleaming bikini clad girls, friends clutching red solo cups and groups of attractive music festival goers. Suddenly my cup of King Arthur Flour leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. How can it be that these lives look so perfect? When do they have free time to do all these fun things? Are they actually happier than me?

Happy Divorce Day?

(01/16/19 7:15am)

When we think of the milestones, most people think of birthdays, graduation, marriage — significant and recognizable turning points in our lives. Milestones, good or bad, are often celebrated with community, be it for a wedding or funeral. However, one notable life change is often marked by isolation rather than celebration: divorce. Is marriage really a more significant change in people’s lives than divorce? If not, why is one announced in newspapers, celebrated with one’s community, while the other is finalized by one’s signature?

Senior Milestones

(01/16/19 7:10am)

My shelves at home are filled with journals, some dating back to elementary school. I no longer write about love triangles exposed on the playground, but the need to record my life has stayed with me. I feel like if I don’t write down the things that seem like milestones to me, I’ll lose part of myself to the past.

I've Got 35,000 Decisions but Chem 6 Ain't One

(01/09/19 7:00am)

The butterfly effect is an idea originating from chaos theory. It states that even the flapping of a butterfly’s soft and small wings can lead to the winds shifting and preventing a terrible storm from happening in another continent. The effect does not simply describe weather patterns — it can reference any possible effects of small and seemingly non-trivial decisions. Does the idea of the butterfly effect apply to our daily lives and the 35,000 remotely conscious decisions we make per day?

Make Money Moves: Blockchain at Dartmouth

(01/09/19 7:20am)

In an era filled with technological marvels and novelties, it can be difficult to figure out which innovations are fads and which will become ubiquitous. While it is unclear whether cryptocurrencies will change the way everyone pays for goods and services, the technology has certainly garnered significant attention. Cryptocurrencies, digital currencies such as Bitcoin that can be used to securely transfer money online, have dedicated groups of enthusiasts and investors who are interested in the future of the technology — and, in many cases, making money off of it. In 2017, cryptocurrency enthusiasts on campus created Dartmouth’s own Crypto Club, now known as Blockchain at Dartmouth.

A Rose by Any Other Name

(01/09/19 7:05am)

William Shakespeare wrote the words spoken in Juliet’s impassioned monologue centuries ago. The colloquial idiom, later popularized as “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”,  has permeated our conscious and lexicon. The quote appears to mock the absurdity of names, or rather, mock our obsession surrounding the sanctity of our names. Why do we care so much about what we’re called? Why would we care enough to change those names?

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