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‘I wanted to be there for future classes’: Spotlight on New Student Orientation Leaders

(09/13/23 6:05am)

Every fall, a new group of eager minds floods Dartmouth’s historic campus. Along with suitcases filled with clothes and dorm bedding, these first-years carry ambitions, dreams and perhaps a heaping dose of nerves. There to guide them on their journey are Orientation Leaders or “OLs”: a select group of upperclassmen ready to ease concerns, foster connections and offer a helping hand along the way. They serve as the grounding force that allows first-years to acclimate to the College environment. 

Reflection: The Musings of a Post-Pandemic Senior

(09/13/23 6:20am)

When you’re an underclassman, you naturally interact with seniors, whether it be in classes or club meetings. These conversations often involve some senior wisdom about how time passes by so fast and how important it is to treasure every moment. You may nod your head and move on, ignoring what those seniors said and thinking that there’s no way you could ever be in that position because every day is slow and each 2A actually feels like four hours and Friday can’t come soon enough and…

Keep on Trekking: Reflections of a DOC Fifty Hiker

(08/18/23 7:10am)

About a month ago, my teammates and I finished the Dartmouth Outing Club Fifty. Some quick context: A bunch of people sign up in groups of four for the lottery-based chance to hike 53 miles in one go, with plenty of emotional and physical support along the way from disparate reaches of Dartmouth’s wonderful, wacky and brightly-attired outdoor community. As soon as my team and I were selected as some of the fortunate few to torture ourselves for a day and a half  back in late June, I knew I was going to want to write about the experience. Plenty have done it, and I’ve grown to love the formal outlet for reflection that a good published article provides.

‘My favorite part is eating’: Foco kids serve up their thoughts

(08/18/23 7:15am)

The Class of 1953 Commons, known colloquially as Foco, is one of Dartmouth’s most traversed destinations. Students have long since shared their thoughts on the College’s largest dining location in The Dartmouth — from so-called Foco hacks to reviews of the dining hall’s playlists — but we don’t often hear from the facility’s littlest customers.

Reflection: How That Time Departed

(08/04/23 7:00am)

My path at Dartmouth has been unsteady. Since I started during the pandemic, it took longer for me to discover my eventual majors, English and theater, and find my place within those departments. During my first year, my professors on Zoom felt as far away as they could get. My junior year, I finally felt like everything was falling into place. I was pushing myself to connect with professors and dig deeper into my interests. My English professor, Monika Otter, became one of my biggest inspirations, helping me build confidence and find my areas of interest within the English department. But when she died in May, I didn’t know what to do anymore. 

Life in the Dreamhouse

(08/04/23 7:05am)

If you saw me right now, sweeping up a massive dust pile in my second-floor kitchen, you might assume I’m nostalgic for Dartmouth dorms and their cleanliness due to the College’s hardworking janitorial staff. However, I’ve actually enjoyed living off-campus. Every day, I look forward to going home to porch conversations, sloppy cleaning jobs, sometimes successful kitchen experimentation and a small community of friends. This summer marks my first term at Dartmouth living in an off-campus house, located on 8 School Street and, not so creatively, nicknamed 8 School.

Welcome to the Woods: Strangers’ Takes on the “Dartmouth Difference”

(07/21/23 7:10am)

According to a 1947 article in the Harvard Crimson, “Dartmouth men take their college seriously from the time they don their green beanies as freshmen to the sad day of their last promenade about the campus in green senior jackets and canes. They all learn how to ski, how to drink, how to get along with people and how to cheer at football games … Pride in the college and a tremendous feeling of ‘belonging’ pervade the green Hanover mists.”

Wobbly Friday Gets Students Rolling into the Weekend

(07/21/23 7:05am)

If you were walking by the Green on a Friday evening, you might spot a horde of Dartmouth students on bikes slowly gathering, listening to music and preparing to embark upon  a campus-wide ride. After congregating at an arbitrarily chosen time — some weeks at 7:03, others 7:17 or maybe even 7:11 — the group takes off, shooting in front of Baker, around Occom, past the Co-op, to the Rugby Field, back down Rip Road and finally onto East Wheelock Street. When conditions are right, the group ends the ride with a dip in the Connecticut. Founded by Jack Reilly ’24 and Tommy Bevevino ’24, this event is none other than “Wobbly Friday.”