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Local, national media cover "Bloods and Crips" theme party

(08/19/13 5:24pm)

Following last week’s reports that Alpha Delta fraternity and Delta Delta Delta sorority hosted a Bloods and Crips-themed party on July 26, Dartmouth has once again found itself mired in reports of racial insensitivity and a flawed Greek system. Gawker was the first media organization to report on the incident, following Dartblog’s initial post on Wednesday.

From the Newsroom

(05/24/13 10:00am)

Alexis Madrigal: "Follow your own curiosity" — Bobbie Johnson, MediumAlexis Madrigal, a senior editor at the Atlantic, shared his advice on writing. When asked about one thing that he had learned over time that he wished he knew when he started out, Madrigal replied saying "There is no red-tile-roof house on the Aegean where famous writers allgo to work in relative leisure. There might be 20 jobs now where you’re set for life, but the rest of us will be hustling forever."

Welch publishes CNN op-ed on Angelina Jolie's mastectomy

(05/22/13 7:00am)

Geisel School of Medicine professor H. Gilbert Welch published an op-ed in CNN last Saturday weighing in on Angelina Jolie’s recent preventive double mastectomy. Jolie published an op-ed in The New York Times last week, revealing that she opted for the surgery after discovering that she carried the BRCA1 gene and has an estimated 87 percent risk of developing breast cancer.

From the Newsroom

(05/17/13 10:00am)

Canada's Legend-ary TED Talk Lie — Gary Rubinstein, Gary Rubinstein BlogDartmouth's Commencement speaker this year, Geoffrey Canada, recently gave a TED talk titled 'Our failing schools. Enough is enough.' While Canada claims there is 100 percent graduation rate at the high schools under the Harlem Children's Zone program, Rubinstien points out there is a 36% dropout rate from 2006 to 2012. Moreover, Rubinstein notes that while "the HCZ Promise Academy high school may have decent state test scores," the test scores are still relatively low comparing to national standards.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Green Key Music Tips

(05/15/13 4:00pm)

If gives any indication for how successful Green Key will be this year, the weekend looks like it has potential. With highs hovering around 70 and the chances of showers low, Green Key weekend will likely live up to its reputation as being the hardest few days to sneak away into the library to put the finishing touches on a paper (been there), or study for Monday’s late midterm (seriously, what prof would schedule that?)

From the Newsroom

(05/10/13 11:00am)

Nixon Grandson Recreates President's China Trip, but What Is His Wife Wearing? — Matt Schiavenza, The AtlanticPresident Richard Nixon's grandson Christopher Nixon Cox visited China 41 years after his grandfather's historical visit. "In the spirit of historical accuracy, Cox and his 23-year old wife, billionaire supermarket heiress Andrea Catsimatidis, chose to match the precise itinerary of the journey, visiting such sites as The Forbidden City and The Great Wall." However, Cox's wife caused minor scandal in the Chinese social media with her revealing wardrobe.

From the Newsroom

(05/03/13 1:00pm)

Before There Was Photoshop, These Photographers Knew How to Manipulate an Image — Paul Bisceglio, Smithsonian magazineJerry Uelsmann revolutionized photography by manually blending negatives to produce surreal, dreamlike landscapes. Uelsmann continues to manipulate photographs this way even with the introduction of Photoshop in order to build images that are personally meaningful to him. Uelsmann’s work are currently being showcased in a traveling exhibit, “Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop,” at the National Gallery of Art till May 5.

From the Newsroom

(04/26/13 1:00pm)

In China, the Shared Grief of Losing a Single Child Like Lu Lingzi— Didi Kirsten Tatlow, IHT Rendezvous (The New York Times)The Death of Chinese student Lu Lingzi in the Boston Marathon attack and the earthquake in Sichuan Province on Saturday prompted the discussion about China’s “one child policy”. Until 2012, at least one million families lost their only child. Families who suffered the lost of their single child are referred as a “vulnerable social group” in China because parents in their old age lost their main source of income and therefore many face poverty.

From the Newsroom

(04/12/13 6:00am)

Women in a Man's World — Andrew Sorkin, Dealbook (The New York Times)“The women at the top of organizations that I know will tell you that we think that we’ve made it because we were born the way we are and can play by these rules without feeling damaged by them,” Ms. Dorner said. “Or, we’ve learned how to play by these rules and use them to our own advantage.”

From the Newsroom

(03/29/13 8:30am)

Jobs Confidential: 15 people reveal the truth about their work — The ObserverPriest:People don't really know if you're a real human or not. I was young when Iarrived at my parish and lots of my congregation gave me cutlery – because if I wasn't married, Iclearly didn't own cutlery. When Istarted dating someone that was really weird for people. It was weird for me, too – seeing them at the altar rail, knowing that we'd been snogging the night before.

From the Newsroom

(03/08/13 8:30am)

Could the eagles have flown Frodo into Mordor? — Sean CristMy contention is that there is nothing in the text to rule out such a plan, and that it is simply a hole in the plot of an otherwise excellent book that the issue is never brought up. This is not to say that LoTR is in any way a bad book; it merely shows that even as excellent a writer as Tolkien does not always succeed at perfectly harmonizing the various entities which he has placed in his world.

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