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How to Be Extra

(04/11/17 11:21pm)

Being extra is a way of life. It’s your own special way of living life to the fullest, the brightest, the most present way you can. Don’t ever let the haters get you down — you can never ever be too extra, and anyone who says you’re too much just isn’t enough. Always remember: If you’re not doing the most, you’re doing the least. 

Alternative Housing Community Swag

(02/26/16 3:07pm)

I know next to nothing about Dartmouth’s new housing system, and I have done next to nothing to find out more about it. But what I do know is that free stuff is headed my way this Founders Day, which is great because 1) I don’t want to do my laundry, and 2) I need more free swag to maintain the “hobo-chic” look I have going for me. But why stop at t-shirts and scarves? Here are some alternative house swag options:

NotTheOnion: New Hampshire Local News

(01/21/16 5:23pm)

Enfield – A Springfield, N.H., man was driving southbound on Interstate 89 on Friday when he veered off the road, hitting a guardrail and rolling over several times. When police arrived at the scene of the crash, they could not find the driver and authorities suspected he had been ejected from his car or left the scene with someone else. Police later returned to the scene and tracked his footprints to a trail nearly a mile off the travel lane. About 10 hours after his vehicle had crashed, authorities found him lying on the ground, unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. He was taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and is reportedly in stable condition.

10 Times The Mindy Project Perfectly Captured Life at Dartmouth

(01/12/16 11:00am)

Explaining Big Green culture to someone living outside the Dartmouth bubble is never easy. Trippees? Drill? 'Shmob? What the hell is a Foco? Luckily Mindy Kaling, one of our more famous alums (and former cartoonist for The D), is bringing Dartmouth life to the big screen in her TV series, The Mindy Project. While it's true that Mindy Lahiri never attends Dartmouth in the show, we can't help but notice that a few of her experiences perfectly sum up life at Dartmouth:

Dartmouth is the seventh-most right-swiped campus among men

(08/26/15 4:06pm)

Before I break the news to you all, I’d like to start with a small disclaimer. I’m a reporter, perhaps the furthest thing from a doctor, and I haven’t taken one class that anyone could possibly spin as pre-med. I have, however, taken AP Bio, ridden in an ambulance and seen a solid 80 percent of “Grey’s Anatomy.” So let’s just say I feel pretty confident in my ability to both diagnose and invent a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. Take “Tinderitis,” for example.