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Disgraceful: Last Chances (to write a listicle)

(06/03/17 8:45pm)

It’s been a wild ride with Dartbeat these past 4 years, watching it evolve slowly but surely. I have forced people to tell me their secrets, and admitted things over the internet that I maybe shouldn’t have. But here we are, week 10, and it’s time for my final article. And, since it’s Dartbeat, it only feels right to write it in list form.

Alternative Tour Guide Script

(05/08/17 5:24pm)

As the prospies swarmed our campus last month, I wondered if they actually were getting anything meaningful from these tours that continued to block my path through Baker-Berry Library. While hustling out of the grim Novack Café scene one day, I #overheard "This is Novack, the inspirational and collaborative hub on campus," and I almost spit out my beyond bland coffee and choked on my over-priced fruit snacks. That statement was almost as accurate as Dick’s House telling a friend she was pregnant because she came in looking for cough drops. So, for all those prospies looking for a ~real~ tour of Dartmouth, here you go:

What You Googled This Week: Frat Ban Edition

(11/04/16 2:40pm)

If you’re a ’20, odds are the extent of your Dartmouth social experience has been bopping around from dorm party to dorm party scrounging for alcohol. Then, of course, there’s the Heorot highlighter party and Pop Punk if you were lucky enough to get in, or the North Park/South House dance party if you were truly desperate. Bright-eyed, not-jaded and with a whole new social scene opening up to you, you’re probably overwhelmed with questions: 

de Guardiola: Let’s Build Community

(11/01/16 5:10am)

Despite being here for three years now, the first and only time I have participated in making the Homecoming Bonfire was this past weekend, when the 2017 Class Council hosted a brunch for the senior class so we could all sign the Class of 2017 board. By the time I arrived — after taking advantage of having no classes on Friday and sleeping in — a sizeable crowd had already come and gone in Collis Common Ground. But as I signed my name, I noticed that my signature only added to maybe 30 or so others.

Alumni input helped shape Greek proposal

(11/10/14 11:29pm)

About three weeks ago, the Inter-Fraternity Council and fraternity alumni advisors began drafting a proposal recommending changes to Greek life, addressing areas like high-risk drinking, sexual misconduct, freshman safety, house renovations, faculty advisors and inclusivity. Soon afterward, IFC met with the Panhellenic Council and Gender-Inclusive Greek Council to share a preliminary draft.

Perez: Faulty Faculty Thinking

(11/05/14 11:39pm)

Earlier this week, faculty members joined in on the voting hoopla, granting students access to course evaluations. This was not the meeting’s only outcome. Soon thereafter, the faculty voted on abolishing the College’s Greek system. 116 faculty members voted to abolish the Greek system, and 13 members voted to preserve it. Three abstained. This outcome was not unexpected, and previous votes have yielded similar results. In 2001, the faculty voted 92-0 in support of abolishing the Greek system.

McDavid: Democratic Decisions

(11/05/14 1:23am)

In the midst of the heated Greek life debate, one question remains largely unaddressed. Who, ultimately, will make these decisions? Who has the authority to decide monumental issues like the abolition of Greek life? Dartmouth, like most colleges, relies on the members of its Board of Trustees to make consequential decisions. Given their enormous influence on College policy, the method by which trustees are elected to the Board should be made more democratic.

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