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Off-Campus Kitchen: Pseudo Beef Stroganoff

(02/26/13 12:00pm)

What I had in the fridge? Beef (cut for stir-fry), half-and-half, a block of cheese and butter (this bodes well for my arteries). What I needed? A meal idea that I could throw together for the Valentine’s Day cooking date for which my boyfriend’s arrival was imminent. Clearly, I’m excellent at planning ahead. (It’s winter in Hanover — how am I expected to get to the Co-op without dying of frostbite?)

Off-Campus Kitchen: Roast Chicken

(02/05/13 3:30pm)

Roasting your first chicken is a culinary rite of passage — or at least it was for me. Roasting a chicken made me feel like an adult feeding a family, only the family in question was my motley group of friends. Once the fear of your first time is gone (make all the jokes you like), you suddenly feel capable of anything. Capable of roasting any kind of poultry, that is.

Off-Campus Kitchen: Butternut squash and mushroom risotto

(01/22/13 11:00am)

You will need: 2 tablespoons butter 1/2 yellow onion 1 shallot 2 cloves garlic (maybe just one if you're making this for a date...) 1 1/2 cups brown button mushrooms 1 1/2 cups butternut squash (about 1/3 of a 1 pound squash) 1 cup arborio rice 1/2 cup white wine 5 cups chicken or mushroom broth 3/4 cups Parmesan cheese

Off-Campus Kitchen: Granola

(01/15/13 9:30am)

To continue the trend of staple foods that are much better homemade than store-bought, this week I again turned to my mother’s store of kitchen secrets. Granola is one of those foods that can be made at home very simply and customized to your personal tastes, but is often sold artisanally — for $12 a pound — instead. Once you know how to make it yourself, I hope you’ll find it difficult to go back to the expensive and often boring store-bought variety. I love eating this granola over yogurt every morning, and it’s a familiar ritual for my mom to make a fresh batch each week.

Off-Campus Kitchen: Breaking Bread

(01/08/13 11:00am)

When I was a kid, my favorite mornings began by waking up to the smell of my mother’s freshly baked homemade bread. My mom would cut off the puffy top part of the loaf for me and I’d scoop out the inside of the bread from the crust as though it were a bowl. Served with homemade cocoa, there’s nothing more comforting than warm bread fresh from the oven, especially in winter.

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