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GroCo: A Search for FoCo’s Least Appealing Options

(11/12/15 2:21pm)

On a gloomy Monday evening, we headed to FoCo to taste test the grossest looking foods being served that night. It was a particularly grim evening, and we had a lot to try — although sadly most of the foods we tried were just as gross (if not more so) than they looked. We left FoCo with our hunger notsatiated and our minds reeling from the disgust we felt at the sight of such vulgar foods. The Soup

Chews Wisely: Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant

(11/10/15 11:50am)

After spending countless hours scouring all three streets in Hanover that have restaurants on them, I came to realize that I’d exhausted most of the options this town had to offer. So I expanded my horizons to include Lebanon — it’s a bustling metropolis, relatively speaking. It’s not often I get off campus, so even the 15-minute drive that did not require a single turn felt refreshingly exotic. I might even venture out of state some time soon just for the rush. My destination was a place I hoped would be a hidden gem. It certainly met the “hidden” qualification, tucked in the back of a strip mall dubbed “The Miracle Mile.” I ordered takeout (it is week nine after all — don’t pretend I have time for things), but I found the ambience pleasant during the five minutes I waited at the bar. The restaurant is reminiscent of a very colorful diner—both clean and well lit.

Chews Wisely: Salt Hill Pub

(11/02/15 4:02pm)

First of all, I’d like to apologize for and explain the lack of a column last week. I had the misfortune of coming down with a stomach bug for the better part of four days, which denied me my favorite hobby: eating. I lost roughly 15 pounds and experienced severe Collis stir-fry withdrawal. Nevertheless, after four days, I willed myself out of bed, down the stairs and across the 50 feet to Foco. After a few exploratory meals, I was ready to return to my solemn duty as Dartbeat columnist.

Dartbeat Reviews: Hanover's Pumpkin Spice Lattes

(10/27/15 12:46pm)

Are you too tired to find a filter for your #basic Instagram post? Are you cold despite donning your #basic black North Face jacket? If the answer is yes, a #basic fall drink just might solve your woes. Enter the pumpkin spice latte (or the “PSL,” as the kids are saying these days). It’s just the thing for getting into the fall spirit. We reviewed Hanover’s variety of pumpkin spice lattes on a four-star scale, so take a break from figuring out your #basic prof pic caption and let us guide you to the perfect latte.

Matching Autumnal Goodies To Your Dorm

(10/26/15 1:17pm)

It’s hard to move. No, seriously. As the weather gets colder and the leaves grow increasingly dead, it becomes a challenge to compel yourself to undertake the trek to Collis or the Hop. You’ll need to stock up on autumnal snacks to keep yourself warm and cozy indoors, but what sorts of food and drink are right for each dorm? Mass Row (excluding South Mass): Apple pie

FoCo Joe: Baked Apples

(10/19/15 11:51am)

In case you live under a rock, fall is here. The streets are adorned with multicolored leaves, and Instagrams are radiating pure autumnal bliss. I kid you not, I have seen at least three captions riffing on the phrase “the apple of my eye.” Unfortunately, no amount of emoji creativity makes that pun original. But some basic treats, like baked apples, do deserve copious amounts of affection. Likes on my @focojoe Instagram will do… How do you like them apples in FoCo? I am honestly wishy-washy. I find that the best apples out here are usually the red ones, but I am such a granny smith guy. Even on Rosh Hashanah, when apples and honey are delightedly consumed to honor the start of a sweet new year on the Jewish lunar calendar, I prefer the green ones. Despite this, most baked apples recipes call for a variation of a red apple, and I should be eating more red apples. This recipe is also a solid way to make the most out of softer apples. This dessert requires a moderate amount of labor, but the return of investment is disproportionately higher! Trust me.

What Your KAF Order Says About You

(10/15/15 8:19am)

Despite KAF’s lines (which are out of control this term) students love having their own personal café in the hub of campus. Ever wanted to know what your typical order says about you? Here are some heinously exaggerated, stereotypical personas that I made up to help you better understand yourself. You’re welcome. Cappuccino You are so college, check you out. You’re on your way to office hours and need to make sure that you look as studious as possible. You are a classics major and won’t let anyone forget it. Straightforward and no-nonsense — you can order a cappuccino wherever you go. You’re a creature of habit and don’t like surprises.

FoCo Joe: Trix Cereal Cake Pops

(10/06/15 2:01pm)

Before I begin this week’s column about cake pops, I should reveal an important disclaimer here — I do not normally eat cake pops. For whatever reason, I don’t really like them! I think they’re are overrated, and I’m not a fan of the overly sugary frozen frosting. Both the flavor and texture of the frosting does nothing for my taste buds, and if I want cake, I will eat cake. Not a cake pop. My aversion for cake pops started at a young age. I think it was largely caused by repeated mishaps with other foods presented vertically — ice cream in cones (I always order cups), kabobs, corn dogs — none of them really do it for me, and their fragility does not help.

Chews Wisely: Phnom Penh Sandwich Station

(09/30/15 9:29am)

For the less observant among us, the Phnom Penh Sandwich Station is a new addition to campus. The food truck sets up shop across the street from the Hop and serves lunch and dinner. The wait was long, but surprisingly enjoyable. There were a few people in front of me in line, and I ended up with about a half-hour wait. Despite not having entered a physical structure of any kind, I felt like I was on another planet — right there on East Wheelock St. I ended up connecting with a fellow bystander over the fact that he had fished in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, this past winter. I realized that it was the first time in a while I’d experienced two things. First, I interacted with someone not affiliated with the College in any way. Second, someone was genuinely excited that I was from Michigan. This is the rose-tinted world of the food truck. When it came time to order, I went right to the featured menu item, #1—the Phnom Penh Sandwich. The offering features fresh-baked bread with cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots, chili mayo and your choice of meat. I opted for coconut jumbo shrimp, and washed it all down with a sweet lemon mint iced tea. After power walking back to my room, eager to dig in, I finally tasted my meal. One word: Phnomenal (that one was all teed up, it had to happen). In all seriousness, the sandwich met my expectations and proceeded to soar further past them with each bite. The bread was warm and crisp, the vegetables tasted incredibly refreshing and the chili mayo added the perfect mild kick. The jumbo shrimp, once I got past their blatantly oxymoronic title, were fantastic. These were not the battered coconut shrimp you might find at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet — though I have nothing against those. These were sizeable, juicy shrimp slathered in a delicious sweet and tangy sauce. The sandwich is by no means a feast. I’ll admit to following up my meal with a trip to Collis—though to be fair, this move was only half motivated by hunger and half by the futile, perpetual war I wage to try and get my money’s worth from DDS. But an entrée is only $7 — $8 with shrimp — so this more than nullifies any possible complaint from me. The iced tea was a rare treat as well. Served with a lemon wedge and mint leaf garnish, it was the perfect complement to my meal. If you’re on the hunt for a great and exotic meal without having to venture outside the friendly confines of campus, look no further than the Cambodian cuisine of the Phnom Penh Sandwich Station. 4 out of 5 stars.

Molly's Summer Salad Pizza

(05/27/15 7:30am)

The crust, as always, was cooked to semi-blackened perfection and coated in a thin layer of garlic butter in lieu of marinara sauce. Next, a creamy layer of fontina cheese — with generous portions of tomato and prosciutto — made up the bulk of the dish. Finally, the surface of the pie was garnished with leafy arugula and shredded Parmesan and drizzled in lemon basil dressing. The crunch of the crust, the gooey cheese and the almost weightless salad on top created a diverse range of textures as well as tastes. The peppery prosciutto and cheese would be sufficient to keep anyone warm even in the dead of a brutal Hanover winter, but the chilled salad topping complimented this feeling well. The balance is what makes the Summer Salad Pizza the perfect culinary embodiment of the onset of summer, in all its natural beauty.

FoCo Joe at Home: Susiecakes

(05/19/15 10:58am)

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon in San Francisco’s Marina district. The sun was out, as were the usual crowds of young families and trendy twenty-somethings. I am all too familiar with Chestnut Street and its array of clothing stores and restaurants, its always-busy Apple store and the seemingly immortal Marina movie theater. Susiecakes, however, is special — I have never once set foot in the store, despite having frequently passed its light blue walls and glass windows full of frostings from all over the rainbow. I have avoided this wonderland for far too long, and when the family for whom I was housesitting last weekend insisted I write about their whoopie pie for this column, I finally had the excuse I needed.

FoCo Joe at Home: C.R.E.A.M. (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me)

(05/05/15 8:01am)

The founders aptly describe C.R.E.A.M.’s vibes on their website, “It was a throwback to our childhood, when it became a ‘thing’ for us to sandwich rich ice creams and fillings between mom’s fresh-baked cookies.” The ingredients definitely taste homemade, and the store evokes a nice nostalgia of childhood. The store’s name, an acronym for “cookies rule everything around me,” is not quite the same as the Wu-Tang Clan’s 1994 single “C.R.E.A.M.” — “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” — coincidentally released a month before my first birthday. I may be old, but no one is too old to enjoy one of these ice-cream sandwiches.

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