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New Main Wheelock zoning district to expand residential development

(05/31/22 9:00am)

At the Hanover town meeting on Tuesday, May 10, residents voted 775-565 to approve Article 11, establishing the new Main Wheelock zoning district which will allow for “higher density residential development” along West Wheelock Street, according to town documents. Students and Hanover residents hope this change will alleviate the housing shortage in the Upper Valley and limited on-campus housing.

Senior Spotlight: Q&A with women’s rugby standout Lilly Durbin ’21

(05/30/22 6:05am)

Lilly Durbin ’21, who recently won Dartmouth Athletics’ Agnes Kurtz Award, is a fifth-year senior on the women’s rugby team and led her team to a national championship this past fall. Durbin has overcome numerous physical challenges that have kept her from playing rugby — after knee surgery and heart surgery in 2019, she returned strong to lead the Big Green with 15 tries this fall, contributing to their national championship win. The Dartmouth sat down with Durbin to discuss her experience playing rugby, career highlights and advice for her freshman year self.

Three track and field athletes travel to Indiana to compete in NCAA East Region Preliminaries

(05/30/22 6:10am)

This past week, three track and field athletes traveled to the University of Indiana in Bloomington, Ind. to compete in the NCAA East Region Preliminaries. Jake Dalton ’23 and Myles Schreck ’22 competed in the hammer throw, and Julia Fenerty ’23 ran the 800-meter race.

Kappa Pi Kappa completes year-long process to change name

(05/27/22 9:05am)

Last week, the fraternity previously known as Kappa Kappa Kappa announced that it has changed its name to Kappa Pi Kappa. According to Kappa Pi Kappa vice president Ethan Lang ’23, 83% of the fraternity’s alumni and 88% of current fraternity undergraduates approved of the name Kappa Pi Kappa in a final survey sent to all fraternity members.

Wells Willett ’24 wins title at national collegiate cycling championship

(05/27/22 6:00am)

Wells Willett ’24, a member of the Dartmouth cycling team, earned a national title at the National Collegiate Cycling Championship in Augusta, Ga. held from May 6-8. He earned two separate national championship jerseys over the weekend, taking first place in the 70-mile road race on Saturday and winning the 80-minute criterium race the next day.

Martin Luther King III speaks at annual Social Justice Awards

(05/27/22 9:10am)

On Monday, Martin Luther King III delivered the keynote address at the College’s annual Social Justice Awards in the Hopkins Center. King’s speech — titled “Toward Social Justice” — commemorated the 60th anniversary of his father, Martin Luther King Jr., visiting Dartmouth in 1962 and delivering a speech at Dartmouth Hall. 

12 Dartmouth students and alumni awarded Fulbright scholarships

(05/26/22 9:00am)

On May 19, the College announced that 12 students and alumni were awarded Fulbright scholarships, in which they will either pursue graduate study, conduct research or teach English abroad, according to the Fulbright Program website. This year’s Fulbright recipients will travel to various countries including Luxembourg, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Indonesia. 

Editors' Note

(05/25/22 6:00am)

Well, it looks like week nine is finally upon us. Now that Green Key is over, there is nothing standing in the way of us and our impending finals. Before we know it, we’ll be hunkering down in the stacks writing that final paper, or perhaps we’ll be hunched over a desk inside a windowless lecture hall rushing to finish a timed exam. 

Exploring the Upper Valley’s “Temple to Ice Cream”

(05/25/22 6:20am)

Picture this. You are me, having taken on a story for The Mirror last week before burning out every fuse in the human body during the course of Green Key weekend. You are stressed — nay, frazzled — yet still barely able to stay awake during your econ class because you pledged to drink much less caffeine after taking pre-workout at 2 a.m. two nights ago and experiencing a hopefully-not-concerning heart polyrhythm. These are the feelings that wear down your body and mind as you remember that your article (due the day before) still needs to be written. It is Monday in the most catastrophic sense — bloated and weary, uncomfortably stuffed with responsibilities, classes and urgent room cleanups that might be better described as disaster relief. It’s a purgatorial Monday, which I imagine strikes a chord with many of you, since I don’t recall being alone at the Friday concert. 

The Woes of Gluten-Free Dining

(05/25/22 6:05am)

Navigating Dartmouth Dining options can be a struggle at the best of times, but for those with dietary restrictions, this challenge can sometimes feel like a near-impossible feat. According to Dartmouth’s registered dietician for nutritional issues Elizabeth Rosenberger, approximately 30% of the campus adheres to a gluten-free diet — but how accessible is Dartmouth Dining for these students? 

That’s Just How We Roll

(05/25/22 9:25am)

Even on our fairly small campus, Dartmouth students seem to utilize every alternate means of transportation — regardless of the season. In winter, that meant cross country skis, and now that the weather is warming, we’re taking out our skateboards, bikes and, of course, rollerblades. When the sun is shining, rarely a day passes when we don’t see someone blading, and we had to ask ourselves: Why is rollerblading such a staple across campus?

“There’s a huge sense of fear”: Discussion of date-rape substance use increased during the last two terms, students say

(05/24/22 9:10am)

During the second week of spring term, a member of the Class of 2024 — who requested anonymity to speak candidly about her experiences — said she heard rumors of an increase in date-rape drug use, also known as roofying, around campus. This was the first time she heard such rumors, she said. 

Construction to continue inside Dartmouth Hall during Commencement

(05/24/22 9:05am)

As the College nears the end of its renovation of Dartmouth Hall, which introduced open study spaces and new mechanical systems, it is gearing up for a number of updates to residential buildings. Starting with Andres and Zimmerman Halls in East Wheelock House, the College plans to update nearly every dorm on campus over the next 10 to 12 years. 

Seniors present theses in person for first time since 2019

(05/24/22 9:00am)

As the spring term comes to an end, students across a number of academic departments are presenting their senior theses, marking a return to in-person thesis presentations for the first time since 2019. Seniors across a variety of departments work closely with professors on theses, though timelines differ between departments.