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The Instagram World: Students Weigh in on the App’s Role in their Lives

(04/12/23 3:51pm)

When I think about Instagram, I still sometimes think of that old-school Polaroid app icon: the face of the app when I first created an account in fifth-grade. Eight years later, now that I’m in college, I’m still using Instagram — but maybe not in the same way I once did. In a college environment, now that I have more fluid social groups and an increased confidence in the life I’m building, I use Instagram to share what I find aesthetic and worth seeing, rather than attempting to curate my feed to fit high school’s social expectations. But naturally, the way we all use Instagram is highly personal and dependent on the individual. In an effort to learn more about Dartmouth’s culture of Instagram on campus, I spoke to several students about whether they use the app and why.

Shapes of Spring

(04/12/23 6:25am)

On a campus located in the middle of the woods, nature plays an integral role in many Dartmouth students’ lifestyles. During this past winter term, however, while many were enjoying skiing and ice skating, I could not say the same. After another long Hanover winter, I’ve recently realized I’m not as pessimistic as I thought — I’ve just been sun deprived. Like a plant by your bedroom window that straightens when you raise the blinds, I too feel as though I am now standing a little taller this spring. I feel ready to return to the Collis patio for meals, to hike again in a t-shirt and to pretend that I’m not allergic to grass so that I can study on the Green — followed by a trip after to CVS for anti-itch cream. Spring at Dartmouth brings a renewal of energy and spirit, and I know I’m not alone in my appreciation for all the many facets of spring. 

Breaking the Ice: The Early Weeks of the ‘Daily Dip’

(04/12/23 6:20am)

A few months ago, I stumbled across an internet phenomenon touting the benefits of ice-water dips. They cited mental benefits to cold-water plunging in ice baths or frozen lakes, such as the rush of adrenaline that comes with dunking yourself in freezing water. It wasn’t until my return to campus this winter that I saw this dipping in action, as I watched the few and the brave descend into the icy Connecticut. Breaking through inches of snow and ice, the students I witnessed were eager to participate in what many might consider torture.  

Editors' Note

(04/12/23 6:00am)

Take a look at the weather report for the rest of this week. I mean it. Stop reading this editors’ note, whip out your phone and open the weather app right this second. You see those cheerful sun icons? The absence of any ominous numbers below 40? Those dreamy highs in the 70s and 80s? That’s right, those tingly butterflies hinting at the possibility of a Friday afternoon spent joyously wiping grass from the Green off your rear end are real. That Saturday post-darty exhaustion now peeks in through the window and waits patiently for the possibility of a nap. Regret over failing to apply sunscreen before your weekend hike — and having to frantically scramble to buy aloe vera — now knocks gingerly on your door. Oh, what a magical time it is to be in Hanover, New Hampshire! 

Dartmouth ends COVID-19 vaccination requirement

(04/11/23 5:54pm)

As of today, April 11, Dartmouth no longer mandates documentation of COVID-19 vaccination nor proof of exemption for students, faculty and staff, according to a schoolwide email sent by Provost David Kotz and Executive Vice President Rick Mills. The change comes as the U.S. public health emergency designation is “poised to end shortly,” the email stated. 

Political scientist Pratap Mehta speaks at Democracy Summit event

(04/11/23 9:00am)

On April 6, government professor Russ Muirhead and the Dickey Center for International Understanding director Victoria Holt moderated a conversation with political scientist Pratap Mehta to discuss recent democratic backsliding, or the deterioration of democracy, in India. The event ­­— co-sponsored by the Dartmouth Political Union, Dickey Center, Political Economy Project and Rockefeller Center for Public Policy — marked the second talk in a collaborative series collectively referred to as the Democracy Summit, according to the DPU’s website. 

Ski Patrol holds sixth annual Pond Skim at Dartmouth Skiway

(04/10/23 5:00am)

On April 1, the Dartmouth Ski Patrol hosted its sixth annual Pond Skim at the Dartmouth Skiway. The event kicked off at 11 a.m. with youth (U17) skiers taking the first lap of the day down the trail and through the pond, followed by Dartmouth students and community members. The event wrapped up with a concert from Dartmouth’s student band Milk inside the Ski Lodge. This year, all of the proceeds from the Pond Skim went to the Veterans Affairs Adaptive Sports Program. 

Trends: Film and television that satirize wealth rise in popularity

(04/10/23 6:00am)

In the past decade, income inequality has become a hot topic of discussion amongst the general population, as the richest ten percent of the world’s population now owns 76% of the wealth, according to the 2022 World Inequality Report. Coinciding with the rise of social media and influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, along with the sustained prevalence of reality shows, people have constant access to content that shoves opulent wealth in their faces. Now more than ever before, there is a general awareness and conversation surrounding the morality of extreme wealth. Filmmakers and television creators have capitalized on this. 

Review: ‘Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’ explores new territory

(04/10/23 6:10am)

Despite being in the top 0.005% of Lana Del Rey listeners on Spotify, it seems I’m always the last to listen to her latest album. I have a certain unflinching loyalty to her past albums, particularly “Born to Die” and “Norman Fucking Rockwell.” After all, how could anything surpass being sixteen and listening to “Video Games” for the first time? There’s something thrilling about discovering Lana Del Rey as a young teen — positioned at the crux of adolescent angst, pretending to relate to lyrics like “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you, everything I do,” despite never having been in love.  

Review: boygenius’s ‘the record’ is more than strong enough

(04/10/23 6:05am)

Released on March 31, boygenius’s debut album “the record” presents a genre-bending exploration of togetherness and uncertainty, as well as an embodied story of what it means to be a band. The so-called “supergroup” is composed of three individually-beloved female artists — Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. When Baker, Bridgers and Dacus were all serendipitously booked on the same tour in 2018, they decided to record one song as a group. The three knew each other previously from the music circuit, but “boygenius” was born when, after four days in the studio, the trio left with a full-length EP which would go on to achieve cult classic status. 

Hanover Selectboard proposes budget increase of $1.6 million

(04/07/23 9:00am)

On March 28, the Hanover Selectboard unanimously approved an operating budget increase, to $33.3 million for the 2023-2024 fiscal year, a $1.6 million increase from last year, according to town manager Alex Torpey. The budget increase will be allocated towards certain departments, while the majority will contribute to higher staff salaries and increased employee benefits for town employees, while also accounting for inflation, Torpey said. Although the Selectboard approved the proposal, the town residents will vote on it at the town meeting on May 9.

Students and professors speak out against potential TikTok ban

(04/07/23 9:10am)

In recent months, lawmakers in several countries, including the United States, have discussed a possible ban on the social media app TikTok, sparking debate among the Dartmouth community. While the government has cited issues with national security, students and professors have expressed concerns that a potential ban would infringe on First Amendment rights or have limited effectiveness.

Dartmouth baseball falls to UMass Lowell after disappointing sweep by UPenn

(04/07/23 5:05am)

The University of Pennsylvania swept the Big Green in Dartmouth’s three-game opening series at home this past weekend with two matches on Sunday and a final match on Monday. Despite hoping to gain momentum after a difficult defeat, the University of Massachusetts Lowell defeated the Big Green 6-1 on Tuesday.

Q&A with biological sciences professor Mary Lou Guerinot

(04/06/23 9:00am)

In February, molecular geneticist and biological sciences professor Mary Lou Guerinot was elected to serve a three-year term on the 17-member Governance Council of the National Academy of Sciences, beginning July 1. The NAS is a private, non-profit society of esteemed scholars aiming to “provide independent, objective advice to the nation on matters of science and technology,” according to its website. Scientists are elected to the NAS by their peers for outstanding contributions to research. Guerinot is known for her pioneering research on iron homeostasis in plants and for helping to define the field of ionomics — the study of elemental accumulation in living systems. She became a member of the larger Academy, which has 2,500 members, in 2016. Guerinot sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss her research and upcoming position on the Governance Council. 

Students accepted to the Class of 2027 respond to increased admissions resources, improved financial aid

(04/06/23 9:05am)

On March 30, the College admitted 1,173 students through regular decision to the Class of 2027, drawing from a record-breaking 28,841 applicants, according to a Dartmouth News article. This year’s application cycle — which saw 2% more applicants apply than the Class of 2026 — marked the third consecutive year in which Dartmouth held a 6% acceptance rate and received more than 28,000 applicants. 

Distance Makes the Soul Grow Stronger

(04/05/23 6:15am)

Although it is typical for juniors at Dartmouth to take time away, some members of the Class of 2024 spent a full two terms, or seven months, away from campus after their sophomore summer experience – returning to campus only a week ago for the start of their junior spring. On behalf of the ’24s, I believe many of us postponed off-terms and study abroad programs until junior year to fully engage with Dartmouth’s campus during sophomore year when COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Arriving on campus again after two terms away, I bring both excitement and a fresh perspective on Dartmouth with me.  

Learning in the Interim: Spotlight on College-Sponsored Break Trips

(04/05/23 6:10am)

Over spring break, College-sponsored programs allowed students to embark on academic and cultural excursions around the world. These trips, designed through various institutes and centers on campus, provided the opportunity for students to dive into their interests outside of a traditional campus setting.