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Begin Again: Adjusting to a New College for the Second Time

(04/12/23 3:31am)

As a freshman, the closest I have gotten to experiencing spring in New Hampshire is through second-hand stories from my upperclassman friends. During the dreary and cold winter, I used to imagine the Dartmouth they told me about, picturing myself soaking up the sun on the Green or paddling down the Connecticut River in between classes. Like me, many transfer and dual-degree students who arrived this fall also wait in anticipation to witness Hanover's spring blossoming for the first time. As the days grow longer and the weather begins to warm, I spoke to transfer and dual-degree students about their hopes for spring term and reflections on their past year at Dartmouth. 

New Hampshire House votes to protect abortion rights

(04/04/23 9:00am)

Last month, New Hampshire state representatives voted on a series of abortion-related bills in the closely divided New Hampshire House of Representatives. In a win for reproductive rights advocates, the House voted to codify abortion rights up to 24 weeks into pregnancy and remove civil and criminal penalties for doctors who perform abortions after that period, according to state legislative records.

Review: ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ celebrates the legacy of the world’s greatest assassin

(04/04/23 6:00am)

As the number of new action movies keeps rising, most have become indistinguishable from one another. They often seem to blend together into a muddy soup of surface-level story beats, mediocre acting and ill-choreographed fight sequences. To some extent, this trend is understandable: The action-dependent movie genre does not offer a lot of space for innovation, forcing tropes to be recycled. 

Community reacts to College’s announcement of recently discovered Native remains

(04/04/23 9:10am)

The announcement last Tuesday that the College had discovered Native remains in its possession felt like a “slap in the face” to the Native community on campus, according to Virginia Snake-Bumann ’24, who is Ho-Chunk from Winnebago, Nebraska. Native students on campus have come together as College administrators begin an external audit to identify Native American remains in its collections and pursue repatriation, according to Hood Museum curator of Indigenous art Jami Powell. 

College launches Classroom Rapid Refresh initiative

(04/03/23 9:00am)

On March 6, the College announced the launch of Dartmouth Classroom Rapid Refresh, an  initiative aimed at updating roughly five Arts and Sciences and Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies classrooms a term, resulting in a full cycle of classroom updates every five years, according to a Dartmouth News article. The plan will go into action beginning in the summer of 2023.

Dartmouth offers admission to 1,798 applicants for the Class of 2027

(03/31/23 1:05am)

This evening, Dartmouth accepted 1,173 members to the Class of 2027, drawing from 28,841 applications — the largest applicant pool in the College’s history and a 2% increase compared to the Class of 2026, the College announced in a Dartmouth News article. This cycle also marks the College’s third consecutive year with a 6% acceptance rate, and the third consecutive year with more than 28,000 applicants for its first-year class.

Dartmouth baseball struggles to recover from a losing streak following spring training trip

(03/31/23 5:05am)

The Big Green baseball team started its spring break trip strong as they secured their first win against the University of South Florida. The 6-1 victory was followed by a 4-3 loss to split the series. Dartmouth did not regain momentum for the remainder of the trip, falling to the University of Central Florida, Jacksonville University and Princeton University.

‘Always in a good mood’: Joshua White remembered for his dedication and kindness

(03/30/23 9:10am)

Every Christmas, Joshua White toiled over his beloved chocolate and peanut butter treats — affectionately known as “Joshy Balls” — to distribute to his friends and family, White’s cousin Loren Hudson recalled. As White spent hours on the dessert, Hudson, Hudson’s daughters and countless other loved ones eagerly anticipated his famous treat. 

On Their Final Lap

(03/29/23 6:10am)

The Class of 2023 hasn’t exactly had it easy — the COVID-19 pandemic radically impacted their first-year spring, and since then, their college careers have been anything but typical. Following the trials they’ve faced, the ’23s shared how they plan to make the most of their final term at Dartmouth.

Q&A with film and comparative literature professor Roopika Risam: Exploring the “Digital Humanities”

(03/29/23 6:05am)

Roopika Risam is a researcher, writer and historian, as well as a new addition to the Dartmouth faculty this year in the film and media studies department and the comparative literature department. Her research centers around the digital humanities, which seeks to combine digital tools and disciplines with the conventional study of humanities subjects. She uses the digital humanities to understand and prevent historical biases and exclusions from continuing into the modern age as digital technologies grow and evolve: Currently, she is exploring how postcolonial scholars and critical theorists have shaped the field of public humanities, and she is maintaining an online project that features a data visualization of W.E.B. DuBois’s intellectual trajectory. This week, The Dartmouth sat down with Risam to discuss the power of the digital humanities. 

Editors' Note

(03/29/23 6:00am)

The final traces of winter are starting to disappear, and April is almost among us. Students are trading puffer jackets for bombers, bare-legged frisbee players are returning to the Green and the small clumps of lingering snow are finally melting away. Each day, the sun shines down on Hanover for a few minutes longer, bringing us more warmth and certainty that this term is going to be a good one. 

Reflection: There is Always Regrowth

(03/29/23 6:25am)

As with the beginning of every Dartmouth term, campus now teems with laughter and hugs as students reunite with one another after weeks or even months of separation. But I’ve found that the beginning of spring feels different from the other terms. Though spring break is relatively short, it feels like the student body comes back with a resurgence of energy and vicarious excitement. 

A Historic Run for the Ivy League

(03/29/23 6:20am)

As the Princeton Tigers advanced last week into the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA March Madness tournament, members and fans of the Ivy League watched anxiously to see how far our league champs could take their run. A miraculous two-game tournament run, beginning with a shocking upset over two-seed Arizona, catapulted the men’s team into a national phenomenon, even in a year with so many other upsets. Yet, despite an unfortunate exit last Friday to three-seed Creighton University in the Sweet 16, the unexpectedness of Princeton’s success seems rooted in something more than their status as a 15-seed in the tournament. 

Reflection: To Make Strides, Lighten Your Load

(03/29/23 6:15am)

I still have vivid memories of running the 400-meter dash on my high school track team. As I reached the final 100 meters, my feet pounding against the ground, I’d convince myself to continue sprinting while my body begged me to stop. I had many flashbacks to these grueling moments last term, and I now think of that period of time as my real-life 400-meter sprint.