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First-Year Survey: ’27s Share Thoughts on Their First Term

(11/14/23 8:15am)

For the first time, The Dartmouth conducted a survey of first-year students to complement the annual senior survey of the graduating class. Students were asked to compare their high school and college experiences, as well share their views on Dartmouth’s academics, social scene and campus issues. The following four sections provide a breakdown of their answers. 

2023 Election Survey: Students show dissatisfaction, Biden lacks support

(11/14/23 8:10am)

With the 2024 New Hampshire presidential primary elections just months away, student discussion surrounding voter turnout, foreign affairs and campaigning has been plentiful. Throughout the past few months, the campus has seen a slew of candidates on their campaign trail, including Asa Hutchinson, Chris Christie and Marianne Williamson. In preparation for the 2024 presidential and state elections, The Dartmouth polled students on their political leanings, stances on the nation’s political climate and views of candidates. 

Citations at Dartmouth: A Look into the Data

(11/14/23 8:05am)

In recent years, the Department of Safety and Security seems to have upped its policing at Greek-hosted events, leading to more suspensions, probations and warnings, according to The Dartmouth’s past coverage. While word of mouth is one thing, what does the data say? Are particular offenses more prevalent than other offenses? Do certain types of organizations receive more citations than other organizations? Has the distribution of citations changed over time?