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Verbum Ultimum: Open Door Policy

(04/09/15 11:25pm)

The “Moving Dartmouth Forward” hard alcohol ban took effect nearly two weeks ago, and despite predictions of the policy’s negative repercussions, day-to-day student life has not seen any radical changes. Students have been notably mindful of the new restrictions — reports in an April 6 story from this newspaper indicate measured responses from students and Safety and Security officers alike. Greek leaders have taken steps to ensure that their houses’ members do not violate College policy. At this stage, however, what is concerning about the ban is not its immediate, visible effect on social events, but rather the prospect that administrators will ignore its long-term consequences.

College announces stricter sanctions under new alcohol policy

(03/03/15 12:44am)

The College has clarified and expanded the disciplinary action for violations of the alcohol policies announced by College President Phil Hanlon in late January as part of his “Moving Dartmouth Forward” initiative. Punishments for hard alcohol violations will include college probation and suspension for first- and second-time offenders, respectively.

Admins answer student questions in “MDF” panel

(03/03/15 12:43am)

Student Assembly, Palaeopitus senior society and the Office of the President hosted a “Moving Dartmouth Forward” town meeting last night in Filene Auditorium, during which a panel composed of College President Phil Hanlon, Interim Dean of the College Inge-Lise Ameer, Provost Carolyn Dever and Dean of the Faculty Michael Mastanduno answered questions from facilitators and audience members about the plan’s five major initiatives.

Goodman: Moving Intellectualism Forward

(03/02/15 12:24am)

Amidst the many proposals from the “Moving Dartmouth Forward” presidential steering committee on housing arrangements, choice of alcoholic beverage and fraternity parties, I was happy to finally see a heading — albeit far down the list — dealing with the College’s central mission of education. The report suggested increased rigor, deflated grades and early morning classes.

Vandermause: Moving Dartmouth Mindfully

(02/17/15 12:21am)

Regardless of whether you think the entirety of the “Moving Dartmouth Forward” plan is a treasure chest or a dung heap — and campus opinion has swung in both directions — there is at least one crown jewel in College President Phil Hanlon’s slew of proposals to improve student life. It’s what the presidential steering committee calls Dartmouth Thrive, a holistic program intended to promote student development and wellness. The committee’s vision for the program is lofty, targeting every dimension of students’ lives — mind, body and spirit — to create a more engaged and reflective student body. Like many of the other proposals in the committee’s report, however, the details have yet to be hashed out.

Xie: A House Divided

(02/16/15 12:26am)

When students reference the Greek system, it includes more than two dozen organizations compromised of both fraternities and sororities. Yet, while Greek organizations encompass an array of students and interests, references to the “Greek system” often regard the system itself as a singular entity. This seems only fair since, for better or for worse, credit and blame for the actions of various houses are often attributed to all Greek houses, regardless of who is responsible. This essentialist view of the variety of Greek organizations as one body, however, is also the Achilles’ heel of the system. Sharing the blame for the actions of others can drive wedges between houses and aggravate tensions between those with existing disagreements or organizations that do not necessarily like each other. Now, more than ever never before, it could be the greatest undoing for affiliated students.

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