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What to Expect When You're Expecting ... to Play Pong

(01/27/17 3:00pm)

There you are. After nine (maybe?) months of apprehension, excitement and nerves, you are finally about to play your first game of pong. You feel adrenaline pumping through your veins with all the strength of watered-down Keystone, which you also happen to be standing in puddles of — gotta break in those frat shoes, am I right? As the moment finally arrives and the final cup in the game before yours is sunk, you’re suddenly nervous. What do you do? What should you expect? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled advice from some of the greatest pong champions this side of the Mississippi (and some from the other side too).

Walk it Out: Alternative Things to March For at Dartmouth

(01/22/17 7:13pm)

With Inauguration Day having come and gone, people all over the country organized and participated in marches to protest the election of Donald Trump. The largest and most publicized was by far the Women’s March on Washington, with more people having attended than the inauguration in D.C. - not including the satellite marches all over the world. This got me thinking. If citizens can march for what they believe in, why can’t we? There are a few things that Dartmouth students are pretty unhappy with, so here are a few issues you could take to the streets.

Distributive Requirements Dartmouth Should Actually Have

(10/01/16 3:12pm)

Distributive requirements might be the bane of my existence. I narrowly made it out of my QDS alive. But for some reason, Dartmouth has deemed it necessary to establish some standards for what a well-rounded student might look like when they graduate. In theory, that’s great, but there are so many cool classes to take here that wasting one in order to fulfill a boring distrib can be pretty painful. So I have some alternative suggestions. In this crazy plan of mine, there would be no more academic requirements to graduate. Instead, students could take whatever classes they want but would be required to have some basic Dartmouth knowledge before commencement.

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