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Dartbeat's Guide to Writing Moderately Popular Yik Yaks

(05/05/15 11:05am)

From avoiding someone on the Green, standing in line at Collis or just staring at a blank page of an essay you haven’t started, Yik Yak has rescued us in our times of need. Yik Yak is the metaphorical courtroom of cyberspace, where our thoughts, observations and most secretive embarrassments go to be judged by a jury of our peers. Yik Yak is polarizing — some of us get hundreds of upvotes, while others will never live to see the day when they get more than 30 upvotes on a post. Regardless, it’s important that even if we can’t be the best, we still put our best foot forward with our Yaks. Because when we’re procrastinating hard enough, we read everything posted there anyway.

How Basic Is Your Major?

(05/01/15 5:15pm)

It’s important to realize that your major is probably really, really basic. Like, really basic. It’s actually hard for me to express how basic your major almost definitely is. Each year, most students major in just a handful of things –economics, government, psychology, history, and English are the usual culprits – leaving those few other majors feeling, well, less than special. But here’s the thing: Those are majors are special, because the rest of you are basic. Like, super basic. Without further ado, here is just how basic your major is:

Dartbeat Asks: #TBT to Dimensions Past

(04/23/15 2:15pm)

Given that the third Dimensions weekend is kicking off, we thought we’d take the chance to ask students what they remember about their Dimensions experience. As you see prospective ’19s walking around campus today and tomorrow, try to remember what it was — whether you went to Dimensions or not — that first caught your eye about Dartmouth. When I went to Dimensions, I remember eating with my parents at FoCo and being blown away by the food, and although FoCo may not have the same charm that it did to me on day one, I’m still not ashamed to admit that food probably played a larger role in my college decision than it should have. Here’s what some of your peers remember about their time at Dimensions.

11 Signs Hanover Weather Has Given You Trust Issues

(04/16/15 10:53am)

Hanover weather is insane. This isn’t news (that’s why it’s on Dartbeat). Four inches of snow on Wednesday? Check. Salmon shorts and sundresses on Saturday? Also check. What with this mercurial climate and the fact that you can no longer go make out with a stranger on the ground floor of AD to vent your angst, it’s normal to be feeling a little on edge. Here are a few 15Signs Hanover weather has given you trust issues.

Round-Up of Student Blogs Chronicling 15W Adventures

(04/14/15 7:45am)

Spring has sprung! With a snowstorm at the end of last week and the temperatures in the 60s this week, it’s safe to say that Hanover is officially indecisive with regard to the weather. Finally, our poor souls can catch a break from the chilly hill winds in our veins. And what about those who took off-terms or went abroad for 15W? What were they doing while we battled the Hanover Snowpocalypse? Dartbeat explored some of these students’ amazing blogs that they wrote while they were away.

QUIZ: Which Hard Alcohol Alternative Are You?

(04/08/15 7:49am)

In the wake of #Philibition, the Dartmouth community is slowly but surely adjusting to life without hard alcohol. While campus continues to mourn the Fireball handles of 15Ws past, Dartbeat thinks there's a lot to be said for hard alcohol's less alcohol-y siblings. Take this quiz and find out which hard alcohol alternative matches you best. Bottoms up!

Would You Rather: Dartmouth Spring Edition

(04/07/15 2:23pm)

Spring has 15Sprung in sunny Hanover, NH — meaning that there’s still a foot of snow, the Big Green more closely resembles the Big Brown and there are more people on campus then you’ve ever seen in your life. Who are you all? Are you a ’16, back from an off-term? An ’18 who’s 15Stillwondering where Silsby is? Either way, sometimes, you just have to make the hard choices (like shoving that guy out of the way in the Collis smoothie line whether he’s a ’15 or an ’18 — 15Sorrynotsorry). But the question is, what would you rather…?

How to Win Men’s Rush

(04/07/15 7:50am)

Pre-rush season is upon us once again, and you can smell the pheromones and angst from Webster Avenue to Wheelock Street. Being a girl during pre-rush is both great and confusing — you could probably stand naked in the middle of the basement during frat pre-rush and dudes would give you a cursory, confused look and then continue to flirt with one another as you stand there. While this shift in your guy friends’ behavior may be mysterious, what’s more mysterious is what happens behind those closed doors of quasi-brotherhood. What really goes on at a frat rush party? Dartbeat reports.

Top Five Hidden Gems of the Poster Store

(04/02/15 12:34pm)

I would really like to believe that as our first year at the College comes to a hurried close (yikes!), us ’18s have pretty much figured it out. We’ve got the lingo down, most of us can play a decent game of pong and we all own at least one article of Phil Hanlon paraphernalia. But I’ve found that beyond Lou’s, Stinson’s and CVS — also RIP College Supplies Store — most of us have no idea what else there is off-campus. I just found out that there’s a Subway in Hanover. When I asked a fellow ’18 if he had ever seen the Subway, he legitimately thought I was talking about an underground train system. What’s arguably even sadder than that is that most of us have never visited Hanover’s poster store, IDVD and Poster, which has a few unexpectedly great items.

Dartmouth April Fool's Pranks

(04/01/15 8:05am)

April Fools' Day is upon us again, and Dartbeat has put together a few ways to finally establish yourself as an evil mastermind — the ultimate prankster. Of course, your prank depends heavily upon whom you’re pranking, so we’ve divvied up our list of ideas based on just that. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t celebrate the holiday last year or if you’re known for your pranks and are looking to kick things up a notch. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Significant Other: When it comes to your significant other, it may be best to avoid the fake breakups, pregnancy announcements and proposals. Instead, you could say that you’ve decided to get their name tattooed onto your body, and even ask for their help in deciding where it should go. Or you could bake one of their favorite desserts but replace the frosting with mayonnaise. You get the idea.

Twelve Thoughts You Have While On an Off Term

(03/31/15 1:31pm)

Like about 50% of Dartmouth students, I migrated away from campus this winter for an off-term. I think the greatest proof of students’ intelligence at the college is the fact that most people who can migrate away from Hanover in the winter do. Yes, Dartmouth is great, learning is kool and snow is so pretty. But, sometimes you slip on black ice while running to a 9L, and while you’re lying on your back you find yourself thinking, “Maybe I’ll just stay here forever and slowly freeze.” Then you promptly reevaluate and decide to take next winter off.

Top Five: DVDs at Jones Media Center

(03/04/15 11:55am)

Here @Dartbeat, we know just how hard it can be to get outside during the winter months —particularly with temperatures plunging as low as they have in recent weeks. Of course, for avid fans of “House of Cards” —and for those content to run through the selection on Netflix, Hulu+ and everywhere else you can find films online nowadays — staying inside may seem like a blessing in disguise. But for those who have lost their friend’s mom’s cousin’s Netflix password, or still haven’t figured out all the alternate meanings of the word “torrent,” the snow can feel confining. Luckily, there is hope. Unbeknownst to many, Dartmouth’s own Jones Media Center boasts a well-stocked collection of DVDs —available to any student with borrowing privileges.

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