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Dartbeat Debates: Sophomore Summer’s Over- and Underrated Parts

(06/02/15 2:55pm)

Last Thursday, the few, the proud, the (only) ’16 Dartbeat writers had a conversation about whether certain sophomore summer experiences were over- or underrated. For your sake, we’ve edited the conversation to give you our decisions — overrated, underrated or appropriately rated based on student perceptions — on quintessential sophomore summer activities. Get ready, 15X!

10 Things to Appreciate During Summers Away from Campus

(05/29/15 3:00pm)

The end of the school year is often accompanied by sadness and nostalgia as we prepare to leave our beloved campus, best friends and KAF coffee. For those of us not remaining in Hanover for sophomore summer — namely, ’18s, ’16s and ’19s (are you out there?) — the next three months might look bleak, boring and even unappealing. But all hope is not lost — there are benefits in taking a break from Hanover too. Appreciate these as you wistfully cross out days in your countdown to 15F move-in day.

Catching Up With Ill Fayze

(05/19/15 2:12pm)

The last time Dartbeat interviewed Marcus Reid ’18, aka our own beloved Ill Fayze, he was killing it performing “McLaughlin Anthem” his freshman fall. I caught up with him this Green Key to reflect on his freshman year and find out what’s next for his music. The burning question — if Ill Fayze would release any more residence-hall themed music soon? Perhaps an EP titled “Ill Fays” — anyone? Sorry.

Texts From Last Night: Green Key Edition

(05/18/15 1:57pm)

But most importantly, you documented it all. You woke up each morning with a headache and a 100-second long Snapchat story. Brilliant minds have devoted their lives to advancing technology so that you can flop your hands on the keyboard and text your crush at 3 am: “wanna make out?” And thank goodness for that, because your embarrassing texts are everyone else’s entertainment. Here are some of your peers’ “texts from last night.”

6 Sunshine-Filled Activities Near Campus

(05/18/15 11:11am)

1. Tan on the Green Nothing will make you feel more like the quintessential Dartmouth student. Not only is the Green super facetimey, but you’re also getting a tan after becoming ghostly pale over the dark winter. Bring work if you want people to think you’re studious, or just take a nap under the pretense that you don’t have any. 2. Go canoeing/kayaking Summon your inner rower and head down to the Ledyard Clubhouse to rent a canoe or kayak. You can row to one of the river’s College-owned islands to have a snack or explore one of the DOC cabins, or just float along. If you’re lucky you can get a new profile picture of out it that makes you look attractive, crunchy and really happy.

QUIZ: Are You Trash, Compost or Recycling?

(05/14/15 11:37am)

Admit it: at some point you have stood in front of the waste station at Collis, spent an obscene amount of time trying to figure out where to toss your lemonade, realized you looked like a creep for standing there so long and finally resorted to composting your entire life. Luckily for you, Dartbeat has come up with a foolproof method to match your personality to either trash, compost or recycling. Trust us, we kinda, sorta, maybe know the difference between the three!

14 Things You Never Knew You Needed a Dartmouth Logo On

(05/13/15 10:13am)

Of course, with school spirit comes school swag. Even if you look like a slob, it has been proven that if you're wearing something with a Dartmouth logo on it, no one is allowed to confront you. But where do you draw the line with the logo? I investigated to find the 15 things that you never knew you needed the Dartmouth logo on.

The Pitch Winners: Where Are They Now?

(05/12/15 11:00am)

The Pitch, according to Neukom Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab executive director Lorie Loeb, is an event that “provides a place where students, faculty and staff can pitch their big ideas” before a live audience and panel of judges. The participants, 20 groups in total, have just two minutes each to present their innovations before the panel selects three winners. The audience also chooses a fourth. Loeb says she looks for ideas that “could make an impact.” She said she is impressed by the increasingly strong quality of the pitches, as well as the huge diversity in the types of ideas. The event will continue this term, with the final pitches heard on May 28 at 7 p.m. in Loew Auditorium.

Man Buns of Dartmouth: The Trend and the Instagram

(05/11/15 11:00am)

Among the recent questionable trends reputed to increase men’s attractiveness (read: Dadbod), there is one that stands alone in its undeniable, universal, feminine appeal: the man bun. Popularized by Jared Leto, the man-bun movement started gaining momentum this past fall. Although the style brings to mind celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt, we need not look beyond Hanover to find guys rocking the glory of the man bun. If you’ve missed the on-campus man buns somehow, have no fear! The new Instagram account @manbuns_of_dartmouth documents some of the most marvelous of Dartmouth man buns. Arielle Gordon-Rowe ’18, one of the account’s creators, said she made the page as a platform for the growing trend in the man bun’s popularity. When she approaches man bun connoisseurs for photographs, most are eager to show off their hair, but a few are more reluctant. Still, most seem to come around eventually.

10 Things You Should Get P.E. Credit For But Don’t

(05/06/15 11:40am)

If you’re a NARP, chances are you still haven’t completed your P.E. requirements. Even though there are roughly a million NARP-y classes you can take (I’m looking at you, speed reading), it can be hard to find the motivation to sign up on Banner. Plus, there are a lot of everyday activities that already get your heart rate going just as much as organic farming would (yes, that is a P.E. class). Here are 10 things you should get P.E. credit for, but unfortunately don’t. 1. Living in the River. On a windy day the walk up Tuck Drive is pretty much this:

Secrets of the Sphinx Uncovered in a Bathroom Stall

(05/05/15 1:55pm)

When I originally pitched this article, I wanted it to be about something broad that we could all relate to: the wall graffiti in the third-floor men’s bathroom of Fairchild — also known as the beggar’s Yik Yak. In the process of examining these hate hieroglyphics, however, I accidentally exposed a part of one of Dartmouth’s most secret societies, the Sphinx. For those you who are reading Dartbeat to vicariously experience Dartmouth, the Sphinx is the College’s oldest secret senior society. They have a very prominent meeting space in the shape of an Egyptian tomb on Wheelock Street.