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Ghosts At Dartmouth

(10/26/15 3:55pm)

Halloween — the day on which some believe spirits walk the earth again to perform their unfinished business — is only days away. As it turns out, Dartmouth has a fairly extensive history with ghosts, as I discovered looking through the special collections at Rauner this past weekend. Not only was I able to say the sentence “yes, I’d like to see the Ghost File,” with a straight face, but I was able to collect information on a few Dartmouth ghosts to share with you all. Here’s what the Ghost File had to offer.

Alternative Semi Themes: MTV Edition

(10/22/15 1:56pm)

We all know that the “M” in MTV has not stood for music since 1985 in a very long time, and let’s be honest, “semi” has not stood for “semi” formal since before Phil had just a spot of peach fuzz on his upper lip. Now semi mostly consists of diving into a flair trunk and hoping you can bullshit whatever you’re wearing into the theme. “Oh, yeah, the ‘romance through the ages' theme, see I’m dressed as pizza because you took a pizza my heart.” Coming up with semi ideas is not easy though, and for all of those struggling socials out there, I’m here to help: old MTV shows. We all know nostalgia sells (pop punk), even if the things we are nostalgic about happened only five years ago. Room Raiders theme:

An ’18 Coded a Pong App – But You’re Still Three

(10/20/15 2:14pm)

With the start of this week, one freeze ended and another began – the first being the “freshman freeze” and the second being the deep chill settling into my old bones as temperatures drop and I am slowly forced to transition from getting iced to hot coffees at KAF. But what this means — other than that I will likely never make it on time to my 10 again — is that pong lines are suddenly going to become much (much) longer.

The History of Doc Benton

(10/20/15 10:10am)

With Halloween approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to explore the history of Dartmouth’s most famous — and to my knowledge, only — urban (rural?) legend: Doc Benton. For those of you who need a quick recap, Doc Benton is the main character in the spooky story that gets told to all exhausted freshman arriving at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge after their First-Year Trips — shoutout to D50!

The Few, the Bold, the Brave: Get to Know the ’19s Who Touched the Fire

(10/20/15 8:00am)

You asked for it and the Class of 2019 delivered. After weeks of cajoling, sweet-talking and threatening (*cough* YikYak *cough*), we sent 12 brave souls into the depths of the flames (and one unfortunate ’19, Bryan B, into the arms of HPo) thus creating the next generation of Dartmouth legends. Over the past week I spent some time talking to seven of this delinquent bunch, discussing everything from their thought process to their choice of footwear. Here are the highlights of our discussions. (Note: All of the fiery fire-touchers chose to protect their anonymity via self-selected pseudonyms. Except poor Bryan. Bryan didn’t get a pseudonym, just a $1000 fine. If you are feeling merciful, visit his GoFundMe here.)

10 Stages of a Freshman's First Night Out

(10/19/15 10:35am)

To the chagrin and dismay of many upperclassmen, the six-week ban on freshmen entering fraternity basements will finally be lifted today. As we cherish these last few nights of tranquility before basements are infiltrated by eager schmobs, rolling our eyes as we hear them discuss “Pi U” and “ZAE” (but repressing our secret jealousy that they still see frats as a novelty), freshmen are anticipating their first official entrance into Dartmouth’s Greek scene. Whether you’re wildly excited, terrified or even indifferent, it will indisputably be a unique and (hopefully) memorable experience. Here’s a sample of what your night might entail:

7 Ways You Can Tell It Was Homecoming

(10/16/15 2:55pm)

Homecoming is undoubtedly one of the best weekends Dartmouth has to offer. With its parades, parties, pong and ponderous pile of wood, it’s enjoyable for everyone from the Class of 2019 to the returning Class of 1942 (although visitors may think we're in a cult). In case you’ve been living beneath the Connecticut River for the past week — or perhaps you can’t seem to remember last weekend — we dug up some clues to prove that this past weekend was indeed Homecoming. 1. Snapchat stories I felt very accomplished after I finished scrolling through the multitude of Friday night Homecoming Snapchat stories. They were all the same more or less, consisting of darkness, a lot of blurred movements, incomprehensible shouting and of course the bonfire (I may have been guilty of Snapchatting this theme as well). Caption ideas were also similar, such as, “15FLAMES,” “worst class ever” or “TOUCH THE FIRE.” The number of Homecoming stories from last weekend may even rival the amount of fall foliage Instagram posts I’ve seen this past week.

What Your KAF Order Says About You

(10/15/15 8:19am)

Despite KAF’s lines (which are out of control this term) students love having their own personal café in the hub of campus. Ever wanted to know what your typical order says about you? Here are some heinously exaggerated, stereotypical personas that I made up to help you better understand yourself. You’re welcome. Cappuccino You are so college, check you out. You’re on your way to office hours and need to make sure that you look as studious as possible. You are a classics major and won’t let anyone forget it. Straightforward and no-nonsense — you can order a cappuccino wherever you go. You’re a creature of habit and don’t like surprises.

Your Homecoming Weekend in GIFs

(10/12/15 11:20am)

As the most well-known big weekend, Homecoming has time and again ensured that the old traditions shall not fail, and 2015 was no exception. Whether it’s screaming at the “worst class ever” as they run around the bonfire or singing the alma mater in Late Night Collis, your Homecoming experience was one to remember. But since there’s a good chance you don’t quite remember all of it, Dartbeat has you covered with the best GIFs to sum up your weekend. 1. When alums try to have sex in your dorm.

‘19s: How to Touch the Fire

(10/09/15 11:55am)

The time has come: Homecoming is finally upon us. And at Dartmouth that means that tonight the upperclassmen will gather around a massive, burning pyre shout “Touch the fire!” as the freshman class runs around it. Nothing oddly satanic about that. Not at all. If you’re a ’19, that also means you now have two important tasks ahead of you: touching the fire and running around it 119 times. It’s basically a question of speed or endurance — take your pick. If you’re not already in good enough shape to complete all 119 laps, that sounds like a personal problem — not much we can do for you. However! Touching the fire? That’s something everyone’s invested in, what we’re all there to see and an area where we can offer you some real advice. So ‘19s, read through this guide on how to touch the fire, devise your plan and do us proud – lest you continue to be labeled the “worst class ever.” 1. Know why you’re touching the fire. You need to understand why you’re doing it. I believe they say the same thing about rush. You need to have a good reason to run straight for middle of a blazing inferno and stick your hand in it. I believe they say the same thing about rush.

The Wild, Wild World of Homecoming Alums

(10/09/15 9:46am)

The leaves are beginning to fall, the mornings have become cold and S&S is just giddy with excitement over the dorm parties they'll break up this weekend. It’s Homecoming. A magical time when a wide array of alumni gather in Hanover to reminisce over their four years — they’ll say that’s when Dartmouth was at its peak. They are parents, lawyers, businessmen and women, lovers and fighters — and they’re ready to throw down. Alums come in all shapes and sizes, however, so here’s a quick look at what you’ll be in for this weekend.

15 Songs You Must Know To Be Socially Relevant at Pop Punk

(10/08/15 11:08am)

For those of you who don’t know, Pop Punk is a dance party at Sigma Phi Epsilon (aka Sig Ep). It celebrates the songs that colored the early 2000’s — the glory days of raging hormones and enigmatic AIM statuses (on accounts named princessdogluvrxoxo, or in my case, scribblestarz) like “do u like me or like like me….” or “brb, cryin bout u, U KNO WHO U R.” Essentially, Pop Punk is what you’d get if you took the Heorot Highlighter party and then changed literally everything about it. There are no “bumping bodies” and nothing “tight and bright” allowed. Instead, you’ll dance on a pong table and throw inordinate amounts of shade while sobbing the words to “Mr. Brightside.”

(Bean) Boot and Rally: Overcoming the 2015 Shortage

(10/07/15 2:20pm)

As autumn arrives and the air grows crisp, you may awake to realize that your summer footwear just won’t cut it anymore. You need something that is warm and waterproof; something that can be worn with any outfit, day or night; something that seemingly every student has in the back of their closet. You need a pair of Bean Boots — duck boots if you’re a traditionalist. They’ll keep your feet dry in rain, snow or sleet. Come at me, winter you think. I’ll be prepared.

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