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Beyond the Bubble: Partying Outside Dartmouth

(10/14/13 1:00pm)

I've always wondered how other college kids spend their Friday nights, especially since my visiting friends are so intrigued by Dartmouth's social scene. As the bad and lazy friend that I am, I have yet to visit any of these friends at their own schools, and I was the ripe old age of eight when I visited my sister at college, so this term has been my first real encounter with a non-Dartmouth college social scene. For all you similarly curious souls, I will recount a few of my evening adventures and let you decide how they stack up against Dartmouth's widely diverse nightlife options.

Seuss Scholars Criticize Ted Cruz’s “Green Eggs and Ham” Reading

(10/03/13 10:10am)

Seuss scholars criticized Senator Ted Cruz’s reading of “Green Eggs and Ham” as part of an analogy denouncing Obamacare in his all-night speech last Tuesday, according to an NBC News article last week. “Seussologists” criticized Cruz’s inclusion of Theodor Geisel ‘25’s children’s book in his diatribe, raising the point that the short story features themes of open-mindedness and compromise.

Fall To-Do List

(10/02/13 4:00pm)

Many say fall is the most beautiful time of year in New England. Colorful leaves, crisp autumn air and plentiful sunshine have graced the first few weeks of 13F, and now is the time to take advantage of fall activities in the Upper Valley. Before midterms kick in and all the leaves fall away (no pun intended), be sure to cross some of these items off your fall bucket list.

Beyond the Bubble: Barcelona LSA

(09/30/13 7:00am)

Ah, studying abroad. A classic Dartmouth experience, the College has been consistently ranked in the top 10 for the number of students we send around the world each year. And junior fall seems to be a very popular time to do it. Having never taken a real term away from Dartmouth (aside from freshman summer which doesn’t count), I was excited to escape from the on-campus post-sophomore-summer slump and spend this fall on the LSA in Barcelona, Spain.

Beyond the Bubble

(09/20/13 8:00am)

Last spring, a group of friends and I decided it was time to escape the slightly suffocating bubble of Dartmouth life and take a weekend trip to Montreal. Our first night there, we embraced our liberation from the overwhelming intimacy of a 4200-student community and stepped into a lively nightclub -- only to immediately realize that, even in a city with hundreds of clubs and over 1.5 million people, we were surrounded by a pack of at least 20 fellow Dartmouth students. The lyrics of the final Dimensions show song, "You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape Dartmouth" raced through my mind.

“Wedding Crunchers” Shows Patterns Among Ivy League Engagement Announcements

(09/16/13 2:00pm)

When you’re announcing an engagement, what is the most important information to include about the two people who are planning to spend the rest of their lives together? A new website called “Wedding Crunchers” allows users to examine that question for themselves, and it seems that higher education is a popular choice when narrowing down the components of different lifestyles that make it into a wedding announcement.

Watching the Ivies

(09/16/13 8:00am)

BROWN: Brown University’s School of Public Health received a $1.9 million grant for a research collaboration with the University of Cape Town, according to the Brown Daily Herald. The project will explore strategies to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic from a social science perspective. The initiative will be carried out in two cycles, consisting of five to eight projects, each lasting for two years. It will involve faculty members and students from both universities.

Local, national media cover "Bloods and Crips" theme party

(08/19/13 5:24pm)

Following last week’s reports that Alpha Delta fraternity and Delta Delta Delta sorority hosted a Bloods and Crips-themed party on July 26, Dartmouth has once again found itself mired in reports of racial insensitivity and a flawed Greek system. Gawker was the first media organization to report on the incident, following Dartblog’s initial post on Wednesday.

Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight

(08/11/13 4:00pm)

Just in time for the last week of Astro, the Perseid meteor shower will peak tonight and tomorrow.Head to the golf course, the Green or any large open area around midnight for a chance to see up to 70 meteorites per hour shooting across the sky. With a chance of rain tomorrow evening, you'll want to take advantage of the clear skies tonight! Happy stargazing!

Pick your way through the Upper Valley

(08/06/13 1:00pm)

It’s no secret that berries are in season — take a quick stroll through the Hanover farmers’ market and you’ll notice there is no shortage of blueberries for sale. While you don’t need to go any farther than the Green on Wednesday afternoons to get fresh, local fruit, a more rewarding (and fun!) experience lies in picking your own berries. The Upper Valley is home to countless pick-your-own farms, and a sunny afternoon spent picking berries is a well-deserved treat with finals quickly approaching. Check out these farms and stock up on tasty fruit before 13X (and berry season) come to a close.

Get creative with pre-formal summer dates

(08/02/13 1:00pm)

There’s only one thing scarier than the fact that 13X is nearing its final weeks: formal season is almost upon us. While there is still a solid amount of time before desperation kicks into gear, consider making some moves now so you’re not stuck asking your lab partner’s housemate’s trippee — that’s an awkward blitz. To impress that special someone, you’ll have to go beyond the simple Foco dinner date. Before we get too bogged down with finals to care about our love lives, use one of these date ideas for inspiration.