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Menning: Just Doe It

(11/15/22 9:00am)

This year, roughly 10,000 Granite Staters will return from the New Hampshire forests with harvested white-tailed deer. Though distant from campus, these hunters’ license fees will fund New Hampshire conservation while preventing deer overpopulation in places like Hanover. When they finish dressing and processing their harvested game, deer hunters will return home to share the wild venison with family and friends. However, they will not be able to sell their game to restaurants or butchers –– unlike the United Kingdom and Germany, New Hampshire bans the sale of wild venison. 

Verbum Ultimum: The Show Must Go On

(11/11/22 9:00am)

The Hopkins Center for the Arts is a hub for performing arts in the Upper Valley. From renowned guest performances to a capella groups and orchestral concerts to student productions and film screenings — and countless events in between — the Hopkins Center is a gathering place for those affiliated with Dartmouth and the broader area to engage with the arts. 

Adkins: Why People Don’t Want to Work

(11/10/22 9:00am)

The recent labor shortage in the United States has left many wondering why it seems that Americans do not want to work. We have seen three million more eligible workers choose to leave the workforce compared to February of 2020 according to The United States Chamber of Commerce. Despite what your boomer parents may have to say about the work ethics of Gen Zs and millennials during your Thanksgiving meal, workers have elected to stay away from the workforce for valid reasons. In short, people understand that current working conditions in many companies are simply not worth the limited amount of compensation.

Opinion Asks: A Post Frat Ban Term

(11/08/22 9:00am)

Last Tuesday the frat ban ended, allowing first-year students to attend events at Greek houses in which alcohol is served. This comes after a vote by the Greek Leadership Council to delay the end of the ban by 24 hours following campus concern surrounding the safety of Homecoming and Halloween weekend. Should the frat ban continue to end later in future years, or was this year’s delay unnecessary? What other changes do you suggest for the frat ban?

Verbum Ultimum: UWill Have More Support

(11/04/22 8:05am)

It has been two weeks since the Day of Caring, a day in which  the fast-pace of the Dartmouth term slowed to allow students to pause and grieve the recent deaths of several students, faculty and staff. Words cannot describe how vital the Day of Caring was for the Dartmouth community: The pandemic and all its resulting disruption has yielded nothing short of a full-blown mental health crisis among students, exacerbated by the College’s lack of action. A study of Dartmouth students found that symptoms of anxiety and depression increased in spring 2020 — the first full academic term of pandemic-era restrictions — mapping onto national trends from the early pandemic. What’s more, at least five Dartmouth students died by suicide from November 2020 to September 2022.

Note from the Editorial Board: Get Out and Vote!

(11/04/22 8:00am)

This Tuesday, Nov. 8, is Election Day in the United States. Across the country, every seat in the House of Representatives, 35 seats in the Senate, 36 governorships and hundreds of local elections are being decided on Tuesday. As with every election, this is a rare chance to contribute your voice to democracy. This Editorial Board encourages all students, faculty and staff to vote where they are legally eligible and where they think their voice will be most impactful — whether that be in Hanover or at home.

Kalach: A Threat to the U.S.-Mexico Relationship

(11/03/22 8:00am)

As the war in Ukraine coils toward a nuclear “Armageddon,” the U.S. and its major allies have consolidated by tightening sanctions around Russia and increasing their support to Ukraine. Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador, on the other hand, has progressed his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin to a “friendship.” Russia’s geopolitical game in Latin America is centered around stroking anti-U.S. sentiment and advancing its own interests. Mexico’s geographical proximity to the U.S. and its role as America’s most important trade partner make the country an attractive target for Russia as Putin tries to stoke anti-American sentiments in Latin America. What López Obrador views as “friendship,” however, is instead a one-sided scheme that has “Z” — a symbol used by the Russian army — written all over it. López Obrador is playing with fire, and the U.S. might be the one to get burnt.

Bushong: The Alchemy of Silence

(10/27/22 8:05am)

As night falls, silence engulfs the land. Not the facade of silence in cities which is belied by the low rumble of engines and the almost imperceptible buzz of electricity, nor even the quasi-silence of nature permeated by crickets and streams and rustling leaves, but pure silence: The complete absence of noise so profound it stalls the Earth’s rotation, so pristine it restores the soul — so silent you can almost hear it. Silence birthed of glassy waters and curtains of moss and painted twilight. Silence that divulges the land’s esoteric secrets, if only for a moment. Silence that seems incorruptible. 

Menning: This November, Vote at Home

(10/20/22 8:00am)

Every other fall, in the months leading up to a general election, student political activism at Dartmouth reaches its peak. From tabling by Novack Cafe to pro-voting sidewalk chalk outside Foco to official housing community emails reminding students about local voter registration, election cycles at Dartmouth bring the same message: Students should vote, and they should consider voting in Hanover.