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Students voice concerns over DDS allergen labeling

(02/19/19 8:00am)

Throughout the Class of 1953 Commons, there are large signs with the words “Allergy Alert” in red bold letters. These signs state that Dartmouth Dining Services “endeavors to identify and label all known ingredients which are considered common allergens.” However, several students have expressed concerns that DDS has mislabelled allergens and has not adequately allerted diners of possible cross contamination.

Clubhouse attracts 150 student attendees

(02/18/19 8:00am)

Alternative social spaces diversify the range of activities available to Dartmouth students. This past Friday, the house communities and Palaeopitus senior society partnered to host Clubhouse, an alternative social event that was introduced at the College last year. The 150 students who swiped into the event at House Center A, commonly known as the Onion, enjoyed free food, massage therapy and student performances by DJ Fresh Prince and the Brovertones. Alcohol was also available for attendees aged 21 and over.

TuckLAB teaches students entrepreneurial skills

(02/15/19 8:05am)

In its inaugural term this winter, TuckLAB provides students the chance to fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations, according to TuckLAB participant Sam Seifert ’20. The six-week program grants students hands-on experience to learn entrepreneurial skills from professors in the Tuck School of Business and Thayer School of Engineering.

War and Peace fellows explore geopolitics of Qatar

(02/14/19 7:45am)

This past December was an unforgettable one for 10 students in the College’s War and Peace Fellows program. During a trip to Qatar during winter break, the War and Peace fellows were able to explore geopolitics of the Middle East through high-speed sand duning, peer into the propaganda espoused by Al Jazeera through a first-hand tour of the news channel’s headquarters and further their understanding of U.S.-Qatari relations through conversations with statespeople such as former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. 

Dinesh D'Souza '83's lecture at the College sparks protests

(02/12/19 8:20am)

On Monday evening, Dinesh D’Souza ’83 spoke at an event sponsored by the Dartmouth Republicans and the Young America Foundation. Over 200 people attended the event, and dozens of students and community members protested the speech through song, chants and signs. The event, part of Young America Foundation’s 10-campus “Dinesh D’Souza tour: Fake History Debunked,” took place in Filene Auditorium.

Thayer researchers look into self-charging pacemakers

(02/12/19 8:05am)

The need for additional surgery to replace the batteries for implantable biomedical devices may soon be eliminated. Researchers at the Thayer School of Engineering and clinicians at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio have been attempting to extend the lifetime of the batteries used in such devices, and now they may have found a way for pacemakers and similar devices to be powered by a patient’s heartbeat. 

V-February focuses on "visibility" this year

(02/12/19 8:15am)

Debuted at Dartmouth in 1998, the play “the Vagina Monologues” inspired and started the V-February campaign, stemming from the global V-Day movement that aims to promote gender equity and end gender-based violence. However, over its 21 years, the campaign has evolved to feature more events and reflect different initiatives. This year, V-Feb focuses on “visibility” as its theme to increase the campaign’s inclusiveness, according to co-chair of the V-Feb committee Sara Cho ’20.

Q&A with anthropology professor Jeremy DeSilva

(02/12/19 8:00am)

For anthropology professor Jeremy DeSilva, the evolutionary lineage of human beings hold a special allure. DeSilva specializes in human evolution and the anatomy of proto-human species, particularly the origin and evolution of bipedalism. DeSilva recently coauthored a special issue of the journal “PaleoAnthropology,” focusing on Australopithecus sediba, a two million-year-old potential human ancestor found in 2008 in South Africa. 

‘That Most Necessary Item’: The Snow Queen Pageant

(02/08/19 7:35am)

While Winter Carnival started off wholesomely enough with winter sports, two years after the inception of the event the Dartmouth men soon expressed their interest for the activities to broaden in scope. In 1912, The Dartmouth published an article begging the administration to bring women to campus for the celebratory weekend. The writers claimed that the Carnival “will not succeed without girls. It is up to every man with a purse or a heart or a bit of enthusiasm . . . to make haste to procure that most necessary item. ”

SpeakOut oral history project documents alumni experiences

(02/08/19 7:10am)

Dartmouth’s history is a complicated one, and making the official record reflect the experiences of all students is difficult. Yet that is exactly what the Rauner Special Collections Library’s SpeakOut project has set out to do. The oral history endeavor, which Rauner has worked on since 2015 in collaboration with former Dartmouth LGBTQIA+ Alum Association president Brendan Connell Jr. ’87, aims to recording the experiences of LGBTQIA+ alumni. It was recently launched to the public, who can access the audio files digitally.