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From South Fay to Wedding Day

(02/15/23 7:20am)

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day — a celebration that, every year, the cynics disparage and hopeful romantics await with anticipation. For some students, the commercialized expectations of the day echo hollowly, reinforcing the seeming absence of romance at Dartmouth. Yet, despite their often innocuous arrivals, lifelong relationships spark on our campus in the most fleeting moments. 

Queerly Beloved

(02/08/23 7:10am)

It’s no secret that queer students aren’t exactly a majority here at Dartmouth, and the icy climes of Hanover aren’t exactly a hotspot for the gay community. With such a small group compared to the College population at large, it can be tough for these students to find community — and to form the relationships that are significantly easier for their straight counterparts.

Editors' Note

(02/08/23 7:00am)

Back in the day, Mirror used to have a theme for its issue every week. As our stories diversified and our interests expanded, we phased that practice out. But it’s now early February and it seems like love is just floating through the air — so we thought we’d bring it back for the special occasion. So for one week and one week only, Mirror is all about love.

Editors' Note

(02/01/23 7:00am)

Ah, February. The shortest, strangest month. January was generous with us this year — snow-laden trees and weather in the thirties and forties abounded. Her sister month, February, is usually only distinguished by a Hallmark holiday and a more prominent chill, but she’ll have 28 days to show us something we haven’t seen before. 

The Meal Plan, Unplanned

(02/01/23 7:10am)

As different as Dartmouth students can be, we share common characteristics — a dislike of mud season, a love of sunshine and, most importantly, a need to eat. As midterms loom over us and temperatures plunge, fueling our brains becomes even more important. In a small town like Hanover where there are limited food options, most students turn to Dartmouth Dining Services to satisfy their hunger.