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Q&A with interim athletics director Peter Roby ’79

(05/04/21 6:10am)

In February, following the retirement of former athletics director Harry Sheehy, Peter Roby ’79 was appointed as Dartmouth’s interim athletics director. Roby assumed the role after months of controversy surrounding the elimination and eventual reinstatement of five varsity athletic teams. Roby was a varsity basketball player during his time at Dartmouth, and served as Northeastern University’s athletics director from 2007 to 2018. Roby sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss the recent return to competition, his transition into his new role and how he is working to rebuild trust within the athletics department.

Harrison: Go Big or Go Home

(05/03/21 6:10am)

For decades now, America has been falling behind other advanced countries in terms of its physical and non-physical infrastructure. While the sight of crumbling roads and bridges, the prevalence of unsafe drinking water and the scarcity of well-funded public schools should not be accepted as the norm in any country — rich or poor — the startling reality is that the wealthiest country in the world is, in fact, complicit in the deprivation of essential services to its own people. Fortunately, the Biden administration recently put forth proposed legislation to tackle the uniquely American infrastructure crisis. The American Jobs Plan would invest $2 trillion in, among other things, creating “green” jobs, attempting to address inequities in transportation and initiating efforts to bring certain communities — particularly those in rural and underserved parts of the country — into the 21st century with high speed broadband. 

Annual Orozco Lecture puts murals in conversation with David Alfaro Siqueiros

(05/03/21 6:05am)

This year's Manton Foundation Annual Orozco Lecture on The Epic of American Civilization murals, painted by José Clemente Orozco on the walls of Baker Library, was delivered by Ithaca College art history professor Jennifer Jolly. The talk, which took place this past Thursday over Zoom, examined the 1930s work of artist David Alfaro Siqueiros — a key figure alongside Orozco in popularizing Mexican mural art in the United States.

The D-Constructed Cook: Creamy Mushroom Risotto

(05/03/21 6:00am)

While living somewhere as remote as Hanover has its pros and cons, there’s one thing for certain: you’ll never want for mushrooms. Whether you are vegetarian or not, mushroom risotto has a rich umami flavor that meat simply cannot beat. The mushrooms give this dish depth, and the creaminess from the starchy rice and fatty cheese creates a luscious sauce that surrounds each grain of rice. I will say, this dish is a labor of love; it requires standing at the stove for a good half hour, constantly stirring and ladling in hot broth. However, the end result is a dish that is simultaneously decadent and impressive. It’s perfect for when you need some comfort food or when friends come over.

Rockefeller Center event breaks down impact of recent Supreme Court developments

(05/03/21 6:00am)

Last Thursday, the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy hosted National Public Radio legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg in a discussion moderated by economics professor Charles Wheelan that analyzed issues facing the U.S. Supreme Court. The event, which covered topics from affirmative action to possible court reforms, attracted over five hundred viewers on Zoom and YouTube, according to Rockefeller Center for Public Policy director Jason Barabas. 

Verbum Ultimum: Slim Pickings

(04/30/21 7:00am)

Sophomore summer has long been a quintessential Dartmouth experience — a College tradition treasured by generations of students that offers the chance to bond with classmates, enjoy lazy days on the Connecticut, and share the whole experience with loved ones on family weekend. Less appreciated than these traditions, it goes without saying, are the academic opportunities — or lack thereof —  offered over the summer. This should come as no surprise — one of the worst-kept secrets about sophomore summer is the term's shockingly limited class selection.

10 Dartmouth students selected as Stamps Scholars

(04/30/21 6:00am)

On April 20, the Dartmouth Stamps Scholars program announced 10 new scholars from the Class of 2023. According to the Dartmouth Stamps Scholars program website, the program awards research-based scholarships to a selection of rising juniors each spring term and provides “up to $10,000 of funding per year for two years.” The Stamps Scholarship program, which is run in partnership with the Strive Foundation, is currently partnered with 37 schools, according to the foundation’s website.

LGBTQ+ student-athletes reflect on inclusivity within athletic department

(04/30/21 6:05am)

The Dartmouth athletic department in March received a 40 out of 100 on the annual Athlete Equality Index score, a metric that evaluates LGBTQ+ inclusion policies and practices in NCAA Division I athletics. The score is compiled by Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization which aims to end homophobia and transphobia in sports.

Q&A with outgoing College Provost Joseph Helble

(04/30/21 6:10am)

Provost Joseph Helble has been at Dartmouth for 16 years, first as the Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering and more recently as the College’s Provost. During the pandemic, Helble has led the College’s COVID-19 response and hosted the regularly scheduled “Community Conversations,” in which he has shared updates about the College’s pandemic response and led discussions and live Q&A sessions with a wide range of experts and College administrators. Most recently, Helble was appointed as the newest president of his alma mater, Lehigh University — a role for which he will depart Dartmouth in August. The Dartmouth sat down with Helble on Thursday to discuss his time as Dean of Thayer, his work as Provost and his new role at Lehigh.

Student Assembly leaders cap final term by publicizing budget, organizing Student Liaison Committee

(05/03/21 6:05am)

In their last term of leadership, Student Assembly president Cait McGovern ’21 and vice president Jonathan Briffault ’21 have publicized the SA budget and announced the creation of a Student Liaison Committee to the Board of Trustees. 

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