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Commencement for Class of 2020 postponed to next year

(04/09/20 8:01pm)

“It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the need to postpone Dartmouth's Commencement exercises,” College President Phil Hanlon wrote in an email to the senior class on Thursday afternoon. The College has not yet finalized a new date for commencement, but vice president of alumni relations Cheryl Bascomb, other College officials and student representatives have recommended that in-person ceremonies for the Class of 2020 take place in June 2021.

Dartmouth sports teams tackle remote training and practice

(04/10/20 6:10am)

Dartmouth’s remote format has posed new challenges for student-athletes. Away from campus, many have to now consider how to both stay in shape with limited resources and engage with their teams through virtual platforms. With the Ivy League’s cancellation of all practices and competitions for the remainder of the academic year, sports that have main competitive seasons in the spring have taken the brunt of the impact. However, other teams still utilize the spring term for development and training, and they are also getting creative to work around these new mandates.

Allard: A Remote Possibility

(04/09/20 6:00am)

When Dartmouth announced its intention to host the entire spring term online, many students and professors were both disappointed and anxious. It was nearly impossible to imagine how the Dartmouth experience would translate to a remote format. As expected, attending Dartmouth virtually has not been the same as the on-campus experience. However, in our first week and a half of remote learning, professors have been remarkably innovative and accommodating. The online format, and the hard work of professors to make it work well, have allowed many students to continue their education relatively smoothly in spite of the challenges of learning from home. If Dartmouth can accommodate all 6,500 of its students learning in a remote format with only three weeks’ notice, the College should be able to offer a remote option for undergraduates who might need to take a term at home in the future.

Colin: A is for Academic Enthusiasm

(04/09/20 6:00am)

Dartmouth’s enactment of a mandatory credit/no credit grading system was met — perhaps surprisingly — with widespread frustration among students. Students have cited various issues with this new system, including the lack of opportunity to raise one’s grade point average or to show achievement in a particular course. This reaction is a testament to the strong work ethic of Dartmouth students. While it’s natural for high-achieving, aspirational students to feel lost in a class without the incentive of an A, we don’t have to see things that way. Instead, now’s the chance to view the credit/no credit grading system as an opportunity to embrace learning for its own sake and — as too infrequently happens at Dartmouth — to focus on our passions without the stress of grades.

Q&A with David Blanchflower

(04/09/20 6:25am)

2020 is an unusual year in the teaching career of economics professor David Blanchflower, who said that this term, he regularly goes off the syllabus in his classes ECON 2, “Economic Principles and Policies” and ECON 42, “Topics in Macroeconomics,” to discuss the current pandemic. The Dartmouth sat down with Blanchflower to discuss his predictions for the COVID-19 outbreak, based on some unique lessons learned from his former position as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England.

West Gym selected as COVID-19 alternative care site

(04/08/20 8:22pm)

The West Gym in Alumni Gymnasium has been designated as a possible alternative care site for approximately 125 patients needing low-intensity care, according to an email sent to campus on Wednesday by COVID-19 task force co-chairs Lisa Adams and Joshua Keniston. Beginning Friday, the New Hampshire Army National Guard will move supplies and furniture into the gym.

Review: 'Better Call Saul' remains a masterclass in dramatic storytelling

(04/09/20 6:10am)

It’s been so long since the explosive conclusion of “Breaking Bad” in 2013 that “Better Call Saul” — the 2015 prequel spinoff created by “Breaking Bad” masterminds Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould — feels like its own show. And I’ll admit, I was wary of its ability to stand out from its predecessor, most of all because Saul Goodman, the smooth-talking, comb-over-sporting strip mall lawyer played with electricity and heart by Bob Odenkirk, was largely a one-note side piece in the original show. A skeevy lawyer who helps criminals hide their money and avoid jail time — end of story. It didn’t seem substantive enough for its own show, and it seemed like “Better Call Saul” would be doomed to the spin-off junk pile in the wasteland of failed TV shows. But I had faith in Gilligan and Gould, so I approached “Better Call Saul” with tepid hope. Now, five years and almost five complete seasons later — the fifth season is currently underway — part of me loves “Saul” even more than “Breaking Bad.”

Balancing the Unbalanceable: Students Weigh Psychological Impacts of Following the News

(04/08/20 6:00am)

After trying to fall asleep for hours, plagued by the worried insomnia that living through a pandemic seems to cause, I rolled over to grab my phone and open the podcasts app — a last-ditch effort to soothe myself to sleep. I tried to find something mindless, searching for a calming voice talking about anything that could help me relax. But every single recent podcast was about the coronavirus. None of these would help me sleep.

Editors' Note

(04/08/20 6:20am)

April in Hanover brings bird songs and flower buds and 50-degree days that feel like summer. Students shed coats and swarm the Collis porch, treading through puddles of melted snow to get to class. But this month, thousands of feet won’t churn the paths of the Green to mud. Instead, most of us are hundreds or thousands of miles from campus, learning how to do Dartmouth from home.

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