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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ tells a bland and cluttered origin story

(05/29/18 6:15am)

I’ve said it before (see my reviews of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”) and I’ll say it again here: I love Star Wars. But my personal relationship with Star Wars is far less interesting to me than its broader cultural impact. And the popularity of Star Wars is practically incalculable. It may just be a collection of silly stories set in an insane fictional universe, but clearly those stories resonate.

Student Spotlight: Matt Rabito ’18 rethinks jewelry as a medium

(05/29/18 6:20am)

You have probably seen a lot more of jewelry designer Matt Rabito ’18 than you think. An installation of his latest work is currently on display at the Hopkins Center for the Arts beside the staircase that leads to the Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio, a place that has molded Rabito’s Dartmouth experience.

Q&A with Giesel professor Lee Witters

(05/29/18 6:35am)

Professor Lee Witters teaches both Dartmouth undergraduates and Geisel School of Medicine graduate students, specializing in the natural sciences and relating the sciences to his interests in humanism. Witters founded the College’s undergraduate pre-health advising program — called the Health Professions Program — and the Nathan Smith Society, for which he is the faculty advisor. He also started the Teaching Science Fellows program and works closely with students and faculty to make natural sciences and medicine more accessible for all.

‘The Petrushka Project’ to bring together DSO and DDE

(05/25/18 6:20pm)

Over drinks one night last spring, Dartmouth Dance Ensemble co-director Rebecca Stenn and Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra Director Filippo Ciabatti discussed how ideal it would be for the two ensembles to work together. Each year, the DSO and DDE would have concerts on the same night, making collaboration impossible — but with enough planning for 2018, a joint performance could be possible.

Dartmouth students become Yenching Scholars

(05/25/18 6:30am)

This fall, William “Billy” Sandlund ’18 and Rae Winborn ’14 will travel to Beijing, China as Yenching Scholars, pursuing interdisciplinary master’s degrees in Chinese studies at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel expenses for one round-trip, accommodations and living costs on Peking University’s campus, according to the Yenching Academy website.

Verbum Ultimum: Retracing Dartmouth's Roots

(05/25/18 6:15am)

Take a trip down memory lane, back to 1769, when Dartmouth was taking its first steps. The College was founded to serve as an institution to educate Native Americans. Despite this, Dartmouth’s relationship with Native Americans has been complicated; the College had no more than 20 Native students throughout the first 200 years of its history. Perhaps to pay homage to its past, and in recognition of its changing cultural values, Dartmouth has now enrolled more Native American students than all other Ivy League institutions combined, and the College’s Native American Studies program has become one of the most highly regarded in the country. 

The D Sports Awards 2017-18: Athletes of the Year

(05/24/18 6:15pm)

At the end of each academic year, The Dartmouth’s sports section puts up players to be voted upon by the student body as the best of the best. In this year’s The D Sports Awards, five of the top rookies, five of the top female athletes and five of the top male athletes were pitted against each other. The winners emerged only after a popular vote by members of the Dartmouth community. The D is happy to announce the following athletes as the winners of this year’s awards.