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Honors theses make student theater projects possible

(06/09/18 6:30am)

Each year, Dartmouth’s theater department allows select theater majors to undertake an honors thesis. A selective process, only students who have completed at least five theater courses and who have an average major GPA of at least 3.4 or higher, along with an overall GPA of at least 3.0, are eligible to apply for the project. Those who are accepted are given the opportunity to sharpen their skills and enrich their knowledge in an area of interest through a written thesis or a full-length play. In the Class of 2018, there were four students — Claire Feuille ’18, Lela Gannon ’18, Virginia Ogden ’18 and Matthew Treiber ’18 — who presented their honors theses this spring. Senior Fellow Celeste Jennings ’18 also wrote and produced a play as part of her fellowship. Throughout the month of May, all five of the students premiered their projects in the Hopkins Center for the Arts, where they shared their works to audiences for the first time.

Class of 2018: Senior Survey

(06/09/18 6:50am)

For the third year in a row, The Dartmouth conducted a survey that recorded the opinions and experiences of Dartmouth’s graduating seniors. Over the past four years, the Class of 2018 lived through many important events occurring on and off campus, all while navigating social and academic life at the school and preparing for the post-college future. The four sections below paint a picture of opinion on campus issues, facets of student life, relation to the national political scene and post-graduation life among members of the Class of 2018.

Commencement programs will not list names of graduates

(05/31/18 12:53am)

This year, the College will not print the names of all graduates and their honors in the traditional printed program distributed on Commencement Day. According to a College press release, the “extremely short amount of time” between the close of grades and Commencement has always presented a challenge for printing programs in time for the ceremony. This year, the College was not able to secure a printing company that could produce the programs in time for Commencement.

Kristi Clemens will be next Title IX Coordinator

(05/30/18 6:19pm)

Kristi Clemens will be Dartmouth’s next Title IX coordinator and Clery compliance officer, interim provost David Kotz ’86 announced on May 29. She will be responsible for ensuring the College complies with gender equity and campus safety laws and will report directly to the provost. Clemens is the third person at Dartmouth to serve as Title IX coordinator, taking on the role following Allison O’Connell’s Apr. 6 resignation from the position. O’Connell replaced the original Title IX coordinator, Heather Lindkvist, last August. Since April, Clemens has served as the interim Title IX coordinator while a national search took place for a permanent replacement. Previously, Clemens has been the assistant dean of student affairs and director of case management.

Editor's Note: The Last Word

(05/30/18 6:45am)

The last word. When everything is said and done, what is left? You spent four years here. Twelve terms. 2,103,795 minutes. 126,227,704 seconds. How do you condense it all — the friendships, lessons learned, heart-to-hearts, sweaty dance party nights and 2 a.m. cram sessions — into just a couple of words? Once you graduate, how will you look back on your time here? Will your time here by defined by terms? Defined by that term you fell in love, that term you met the people you can’t imagine life without, that term you decided to pursue your passion? Or will you define it by year? Will you look back on your second year as a “sophomore slump” or reminisce fondly about lazy days on the Green during sophomore summer? Those who won’t be graduating any time soon, how will you choose to spend your remaining time here? Luckily for you, members of the 2018 directorate of The Dartmouth impart some of their wisdom in this issue of the Mirror ­­— the ’18s are back for one last time, for one last word. 

Through The Looking Glass: An Alternative Definition of Passion

(05/30/18 6:20am)

As of Week Nine my senior spring, it has finally hit me that I will soon be leaving this place for good. Some things that I already miss include: the plentiful piles of DBA I use to supply, guilt-free, my daily caffeine fix; my student discount; New Hampshire’s lack of local taxes. Some things that I will definitely not miss include: the KAF line (actually, any line on this campus); a nagging sense that I should be finding a passion that sustains me in the way everyone else on this campus seems to be sustained.

Through The Looking Glass: Learning How to Remember

(05/30/18 6:35am)

Last week, when I learned that Philip Roth had died, I searched my Notes app for the line from “American Pastoral” that I’d copied down last spring: “And since we don’t just forget things because they don’t matter but also forget things because they matter too much ­... each of us remembers and forgets in a pattern whose labyrinthine windings are an identification mark no less distinctive than a fingerprint...”