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Reading group for veterans hosts workshop

(07/13/18 6:40am)

Dartmouth classical studies professor Roberta Stewart shared her new model for helping veterans cope with struggles with potential new faciliators from across the country at a workshop last month. The model that Stewart developed incorporates book discussions focusing on Homer’s “Odyssey.” Last month’s workshop will help facilitators and future facilitators learn more about the discussions so that Stewart can spread her mission to groups across the country.

Tuck graduate purchases Lou's from longtime owner

(07/13/18 6:50am)

An iconic Hanover establishment will soon be under new management for the fourth time in 71 years. Lou’s Restaurant and Bakery, which has been owned by Toby and Pattie Fried for almost three decades, has been sold to Jarett Berke Tu’17 and his wife Cailin, who moved to the area with their three children after Jarett enrolled at the Tuck School of Business.

Editors' Note

(07/13/18 6:35am)

 Summer school is usually a punishment­ — an undesirable consequence that should be avoided at all costs. At Dartmouth, however, we embrace summer school. We partake in traditions new and old, we take classes we would never normally think to take and we explore relationships with the people we will spend the most time with during our time at Dartmouth. We see summer school for the hidden gem that it is.

TTLG: Uncovering Hidden Gems

(07/13/18 6:20am)

 As I look out across Dartmouth’s campus each day, I see hundreds of high school students and their families trailing a tour guide across the Green. These students will undoubtedly hear about all of Dartmouth’s “hidden gems” — the Shakespeare’s First Folio that we keep in Rauner, the “take your professor to lunch date” that turned into a research opportunity, the awesome concert at One Wheelock with a finalist from “The Voice,” and so on. But most of those students will never get to experience the real hidden gems of Dartmouth.

The Accidental Fan: Willing Fans, Unwilling Interviewees

(07/13/18 6:00am)

In my last two columns, I focused on my personal entry points into baseball and hockey. However, I have yet to find my personal entry point into basketball. I have been to two basketball games in my life ­— three if you count the time I went to interview fans for The Dartmouth — though I was a little too preoccupied with interviews to focus on the game. Both professional games featured the Boston Celtics. I attended the first because my competitive dance team was asked to perform at TD Garden before the game. I’ll admit, my engagement was low. I was too busy focusing on not screwing up while dancing on the jumbotron. Besides, at the time, I could not fathom why people even liked sports.

Malbreaux: A Case for the Humanities

(07/06/18 6:10am)

Anyone studying a humanities subject has heard this at least once since declaring their major: that STEM majors (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) get paid more. Firms ranging from investment banks to technology giants need people who can analyze large chunks of data. In terms of career placement, future earnings, and, to an extent, prestige, a degree in the humanities seems to lose the argument over utility and applicability every time. But it does not have to be seen this way. In fact, the myth of STEM superiority was not always so.

Regan: A Lucid Tradition

(07/06/18 6:15am)

One Dartmouth tradition looms large on campus at the beginning of each academic year: the bonfire. My first year at Dartmouth, it stood 35 feet tall and had a wooden “19” at its peak. My class marched around campus that evening as friends poured out of dorms to join the excited torrent heading to the Green. We were energized by the ecstatic cries of older sons and daughters of Dartmouth. Two of the people I ran around the flames with are best friends I have been lucky enough to make. The night was unforgettable. As a rising senior, I am worried that incoming freshmen may not have the same unforgettable experience because the bonfire tradition may no longer exist.

Review: 'Tag' is an unexpectedly endearing comedy

(07/06/18 6:05am)

Let me start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed “Tag.” It is an endearing comedy, smartly written and more than capable of making viewers laugh out loud. If for nothing else, viewers should be excited about the star-studded cast, which included: Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Isla Fisher, Jake Johnson, Rashida Jones, Annabelle Wallis, Hannibal Buress and Leslie Bibb. The ensemble actually works very well together, with a chemistry reminiscent of Clooney’s “Ocean’s” Trilogy.

Dartmouth lacrosse hires Joe Conner to fix offensive woes

(07/06/18 6:00am)

Last season, men’s lacrosse had a disappointing campaign, finishing with a 2-11 record and zero wins in Ivy League play or on the road. The team struggled especially with offensive efficiency, scoring only 90 goals throughout the entire season, by far the lowest amongst Ivy League teams. The University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University, tied for next fewest goals in the conference, scored 141 goals each. Consequently, the Big Green sported the lowest shot percentage in the Ivy League at 26.4 percent, while averaging a 6.2 goal loss per game. To address the team’s issues with offensive production, Dartmouth hired Joe Conner Jr. to serve as associate head coach and offensive coordinator.