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Eye-tracking technology could help AR

(11/13/18 7:30am)

Augmented reality is poised to have a bright future. Researchers at the College have developed battery-free, eye-tracking glasses that could be particularly useful for enhancing existing AR technologies. The technology was showcased at the ACM MobiCon 2018 conference in New Delhi, India on Oct. 30 by its lead author, computer science Ph.D. student Tianxing Li, after being developed in conjunction with computer science professor Xia Zhou.

Professors reflect on 2018 midterm election results

(11/13/18 4:41pm)

Two days after the Nov. 6 midterm elections, a panel of four Dartmouth professors spoke to an audience of over 100 people about the results. They reflected on Democrats’ retaking of the House of Representatives, seven governorships, and seven state legislative houses and the expansion of the Republican majority in the Senate. Several high-profile races nationwide remain too close to call, including the Senate races in Arizona and Florida and the gubernatorial races in Florida and Georgia.

Community members protest Jeff Sessions' resignation

(11/09/18 8:05am)

As the sun set on Nov. 8, two American flags could be seen above a crowd gathered at the corner of Main Street and East Wheelock Street for a protest called “Nobody Is Above the Law — Mueller Protection Rapid Response.” Over 100 protestors assembled at 5 p.m. to oppose the forced resignation of U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions and the subsequent appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general. Whitaker is expected to oversee special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Verbum Ultimum: One Week Later

(11/09/18 7:10am)

Last Friday, Nov. 2, the Dartmouth campus received a shelter advisory after a drive-by shooting on the intersection of School and West Wheelock Streets injured a 19-year-old male non-Dartmouth student. Until the shelter advisory was lifted, the entire community sheltered in place, sending flurries of texts and GroupMe messages to check on friends and family and seek more information.

Elias: Politics Are Emotional

(11/09/18 7:05am)

The line between politics and self-identity has long been blurred in America, and this past midterm election has highlighted this. Politics are felt in every corner of the country, whether it is at the municipal, state or federal level. As such, the American political system has become intertwined with many citizens’ personal identities. Whether people wish to tune into politics or not, decisions made in the White House are inevitably going to affect their lives. As a consequence, there is a higher level of emotional energy directed into campaigning, political conversations and voting. This personal stake correlates with a higher level of ownership that I believe is good news for the future of American politics. 

One-on-one with ice hockey forward Jennifer Costa '21

(11/09/18 7:05am)

Jennifer Costa ’21 left Connecticut a hero on Saturday night, netting the game-winning goal against Quinnipiac University with just over one minute remaining in overtime. The clinching goal was the first of the forward’s career and gave the Big Green an unlikely first win of the young season against a premier hockey school on the road. I sat down with Costa to discuss her clutch score at Quinnipiac and her 16-year hockey career leading up to that point.