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Debora Hyemin Han, News Writer

(02/23/17 7:30pm)

Debora Hyemin Han is a freshman studying government and history. She is currently an intern at the Korean War Legacy Foundation and the Center for Global Nonkilling. Recently, she began working for a local nonprofit called Creative Lives. She decided to take a 6:30am yoga class freshman fall term and quickly learned how to function off of foco bananas and chocolate covered espresso beans.

Anthony Robles, News Writer

(02/23/17 7:31pm)

Anthony Robles is a freshman from Mesquite, TX studying film and economics. Before coming to Dartmouth, Anthony was a member of his high school journalism team, which placed first at the state level his senior year. On campus, Anthony is also involved with the Dartmouth Film Society, Cabin and Trail, and volunteers at the Upper Valley Humane Society. In his free time, Anthony enjoys watching films, admiring fine art, and rooting for the best sports team in the world, the Dallas Cowboys.

Mika Lee, News Writer

(02/23/17 7:31pm)

Mika Jehoon Lee is a freshman hoping to study economics and computer science. He was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea but has also lived in Singapore and Andover, MA. Prior to joining The Dartmouth, he wrote for Revolution and Andover Economics Review. In his free time, Mika enjoys dancing, playing tennis and reading nonfiction.

Melanie Kos, News Writer

(02/23/17 7:31pm)

Melanie Kos is a freshman from Holyoke, MA. At Dartmouth, she intends to study biology, computer science, and public policy. She is also a writer for Dartbeat and a member of Model UN. Melanie enjoys watching films from the IMDb Top 250 Movie List, seeing people's reactions when she speaks Polish, and Oxford commas.

Sunpreet Singh, News Writer

(02/23/17 7:31pm)

Sunpreet Singh is a freshman from Queens, NY. Sunpreet has a strong passion for social justice, debating, and public speaking. He loves following political tickers and current events as well as participating in extracurricular activities such as Dartmouth Quest for Socioeconomic Engagement, Model United Nations, and Bhangra Dance. He has career interests in law and plans to double major in international relations and economics He also loves to follow and play basketball. 

Julian Nathan, News Writer

(02/23/17 7:32pm)

Julian Nathan is a freshman from Long Island, NY. He intends to study economics, government, and psychology. This fall, Julian joined Dartmouth Mock Trial. Before joining The Dartmouth, Julian gained exposure to legal principles by earning a Paralegal Certificate online from Purdue University. His initial coursework prompted him to receive further online training by earning a certificate in Advanced Legal Research and Writing from SUNY at Binghamton and a certificate in Legal Investigation from Texas A&M International University. His legal experience has led him to develop an interest in various issues of school policy and politics.

Daniel Kim, News Writer

(02/28/17 10:00pm)

Daniel Kim is a sophomore who serves as a news editor and reporter. He was born in Arlington, Texas, but grew up in Seoul, South Korea. On campus, he studies engineering, occasionally dabbling in economics and computer science. His interests outside of school include 90s R&B music, streetwear and Pokemon.

Ali Pattillo, News

(02/23/17 7:33pm)

Alexandra (Ali) is a senior from Atlanta, GA, studying Geography and Global Health. Ali is specifically interested in medical anthropology and plans to pursue a career in health and science journalism. Outside of writing for the Dartmouth, Ali mentors middle schoolers in the Upper Valley through OLE, leads the campus group Dartmouth on Purpose, and loves to run, read and spend time with friends.

Alexa Green, News Writer

(03/08/17 7:44pm)

Alexa Green is a sophomore studying English, Arabic and Public Policy. She is from Boca Raton, FL and misses the beach. After joining the newspaper her freshman winter, she is now a beat reporter covering Hanover & the Upper Valley in addition to her role as a news editor. Outside of the newsroom, she is a tour guide on campus and works for the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy.

Paulomi Rao, News Writer

(03/08/17 7:45pm)

Paulomi Rao is a sophomore from Stamford, CT planning to study Economics, Geography, and Public Policy. She joined The Dartmouth her freshman fall and is currently serving as the identity beat report. Outside the newsroom, Paulomi is a coxswain for the women's rowing team and a member of Student Assembly. In her free time, Paulomi enjoys planning out all the places she wants to travel in the world when she grows up.

Zachary Benjamin, News

(05/09/17 11:37pm)

Zachary Benjamin is a member of the Class of 2019, majoring in English. He served as a managing editor for the news section during the 17W term and a coeditor of the Homecoming special issue during the 16F term. He previously worked as a beat reporter covering Hanover & the Upper Valley and Residential Life.