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Verbum Ultimum: Big Green Favoritism

(11/03/17 4:45am)

Dartmouth, like most higher education institutions in America, is a funnel that sifts through its applicant pool, systematically favoring those of a higher socioeconomic background. Before access to higher education was extended to more people regardless of race or gender, this funnel also greatly favored the sons of College graduates, who were often white and male. Though there is now more diversity and access to higher education nationwide, the practice of giving preferential treatment to the children of alumni still exits in the form of treatment extended to legacy students.

Li Shen: Ten Percent of Ten Percent

(11/03/17 4:30am)

Logically, I am aware that Orientation only lasted seven days. Realistically, it felt like seven years. By the end of it, the word “transition” did not seem like a real word anymore, and I had perfected the reflex of telling people my name, hometown and intended major. Though most of Orientation felt like a repetition of information, there was one moment that stood out with unfortunate clarity: When the coordinators asked how many of us had graduated in the top 10 percent of our high school class, we saw that most of us had been in that percentile. The gravity of that exercise didn’t hit me until a few minutes later: If so many of us had been in the top 10 percent of our high schools, obviously we couldn’t all be in the top 10 percent at Dartmouth. Of course, I promptly dismissed that realization and reasoned that I could cruise on smoothly as always, because school was something that I’d always known how to do.

Physics and astronomy department urges College to preserve observatory

(11/03/17 6:15am)

The physics and astronomy department is raising concerns that building new student housing in College Park could seriously impede its ability to teach undergraduate astronomy courses and conduct experimental physics research. The College announced on Sept. 20 that it would explore the feasibility of housing 750 undergraduates and that the Board of Trustees will make a decision on the conceptual design in November.

QSS program sees increase in popularity

(11/03/17 6:05am)

There is an increasing number of students majoring in quantitative social science, a subject that teaches students how to apply quantitative tools to social science problems, since the program’s establishment in 2015. While only two QSS majors graduated in 2017, 13 and 25 QSS majors are expected to graduate in 2018 and 2019, respectively, according to QSS program chair and government professor Michael Herron.

Glee Club to perform Mendelssohn and Brahms this Sunday

(11/03/17 4:00am)

The musical stylings of the Dartmouth Glee Club will once again grace Rollins Chapel this Sunday as they reimagine the works of Felix Mendelssohn and Johannes Brahms. The performance will feature three recent graduates — Alyssa Gonzalez ’17, Nathaniel Graves ’13 and James Ragan ’16 — as guest soloist, and will be the first performance with this year’s members of the glee club. 

One-on-one with women's ice hockey goalie Christine Honor '19

(11/03/17 5:00am)

Women’s ice hockey player Christine Honor ’19 etched her name into the record book last Friday with an unprecedented 61 saves, an NCAA record for the most saves in a shutout. The goaltender’s efforts stymied the Quinnipiac University offense, helping the Big Green to a 1-0 victory. Honor, a native of Mississauga, Ontario, was awarded NCAA First Star of the Week for her first-career shutout and seems poised for a bigger role this year after the departure of star goalkeeper Robyn Chemago ’17.

Campus organizes Day of Peace events

(11/02/17 6:00am)

The William Jewett Tucker Center and United Campus Ministers organized a Day of Peace on Oct. 30 to offer an opportunity to meet others of different backgrounds and create a space of healing through prayers for those impacted by mental health issues, natural disasters, immigration, racial injustice and gun violence. According to Dean and Chaplain of the William Jewett Tucker Center Rabbi Daveen Litwin, approximately 46 people gathered for the vigil on the Green, which took place at 5 p.m. This was the first time the event had occurred, according to Tucker Center multi-faith advisor and event organizer Leah Torrey.

SPCSA releases recommendations for 2017

(11/02/17 6:05am)

On Oct. 24, the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault released its 2017 recommendations for increasing sexual assault prevention and response in the Dartmouth community. The SPCSA decided on six recommendations based on its own research, findings from research conducted by Mae Hardebeck ’18 and community feedback from the Sixth Annual Symposium on Sexual Assault in April.

Bartlett: Enough with Twitter

(11/02/17 4:15am)

To say that the presidency of Donald Trump has been tumultuous is an understatement. As is the case with any first-term president, there have been highs and moments of excellence and there have been lows and shocking gaffes — the verdict is still out on which is more significant. Within the policy whirlwind that has occurred as Trump transitions from his gilded apartment to the White House, the president’s continued reliance upon Twitter stands out.