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‘La La Land’ (2016) reinvigorates the movie musical

(09/24/16 4:58pm)

Call me a heretic if you want, but I am not prone to loving musicals. Which is not to say that there aren’t many excellent examples of the genre, there just happen to be many more examples that I find unappealing and tiresome. But as I left Spaulding Auditorium Saturday night, having just seen Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land” (2016), I felt something I had not felt in some time: the need to rejoice! To rejoice at the fact that there was a director working today who had the guts to make a movie that is so shamelessly nostalgic and positive in spirit. This may only be Chazelle’s, who directed “Whiplash” (2014), third film, but it is so confident that I have no doubt he will become one of the defining filmmaking voices of this generation.

‘E-Term’ gives students a taste of the professional theater world

(09/24/16 4:59pm)

For some students, leave terms consist of working on Excel or fetching coffee. But for the five students participating in the pilot program of the theater department’s Experiential Term, partnering with theater company Northern Stage, days are spent working with theater professionals in West Lebanon and soon, New York City. The program is a natural progression of the theater department’s long-term affiliation with Northern Stage, an award-winning, professional regional theater in White River Junction, Vt. For 15 weeks, students in the program will be immersed in all aspects of professional theater, culminating in their participation in two productions: an Off-Broadway production of “Orwell in America” in New York City and in the company’s production of “A Christmas Carol.”

Qu: Brush Off Your Brush Offs

(09/20/16 4:15am)

I have never sent a flitz, but I haven’t received one either. My excuse is that my hard-to-spell-Chinese-pinyin-blitz name is a secret that I have fought hard to keep. I’m not talking about romantic rejections, though. The rejections I speak of are far more difficult for some to brush off. Group rejections, whether they are from sports teams, comedy troupes, a cappella groups, dance ensembles, Greek houses, leadership councils or even classes, are truly the ones that can keep you up at night. It’s no surprise then that the height of audition and application season — right about… now — is ripe with the sorrows of fresh rejections.

de Guardiola: Priorities Askew

(09/20/16 4:15am)

Dartmouth has often been touted as one of the leading schools for undergraduate teaching in the United States, as it should be: in many other leading institutions, rarely does one find a noted professor teaching undergraduate students, much less is it the norm across classes. At Dartmouth, prospective students and parents can rest assured that their classes will likely be small, their professors will be present and participation will be held to a rigorous standard. Thus, if anything, Dartmouth’s drop in the recent U.S. News & World Report 2016 ranking of the best undergraduate teaching institutions from second to seventh should be read as one of many indicators of problems with the current administration’s policies.

Hot Takes: Mixed realities in the world of sports

(09/19/16 4:00am)

Sports are commonly thought of as an escape from life’s problems. Fans often view professional athletes as characters in a story rather than normal people in the “real world.” It’s why we care so much when Steph Curry is spotted at Starbucks getting a s’mores frappuccino or Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan roots for Donald Trump.

Walk-on athletes find success in men’s and women’s rowing

(09/19/16 4:00am)

As fall gets underway, the rowing team heads back onto the Connecticut river, hoping to take the next step toward success and prominence. The team is powered by the athletes who row in the top boats, which typically feature individuals who have competed in rowing at a high level for a long time. But unlike most Division I sports, the Dartmouth rowing teams rely heavily on athletes who are not recruits but walk-ons.

The Boys are Back in Town

(09/29/16 6:29pm)

Among the most crucial components of the 2015 Ivy League-winning championship season was a roster laden with experienced senior players. It paved the way for Dartmouth’s greatest success in 19 years. But it’s for that same reason that 2016 poses so great of a challenge for the program. Ten of the 11 starters that made up one of the strongest defenses in the entire country left Hanover after the 2015 season. Another seven on offense departed as well, including Dalyn Williams ’16, one of the best quarterbacks in Big Green history. And so arises the question that will likely define this team’s season: how do you make up for such losses at every key point on the roster?

Volleyball team has strong opening with first-year coach

(09/19/16 4:00am)

In just a mere three weeks, Dartmouth’s women’s volleyball team (6-4) has already accumulated half as many wins as it did last season (12-11). The Big Green closed out five of their six wins thus far in straight sets, already beating their 2015 record of sweeping only two games. With such a promising start and 15 matches left in this season, the team is currently on par with a promising trajectory. The question thus remains: why is the women’s volleyball season finding success so early on in this season compared to last year’s?