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Around the Ivies

(10/22/15 8:51am)

Brown University: A student suspended for sexual misconduct in 2014 is now suing the University for due process violation and gender-based discrimination, the Brown Daily Herald reported . The student, formerly a member of the Class of 2017, was asked to leave campus before the University investigated the case and held a hearing, which resulted in a two-and-a-half-year suspension. The student was charged with illegal possession or use of alcohol, violent physical force or injury, non-consensual sexual misconduct and sexual misconduct involving penetration. Columbia University: This week, Columbia researchers were the first to publish evidence of the correlation between anorexic behavior and brain activity, establishing anorexia as habitual behavior. The research is groundbreaking in that it debunks the myth that anorexia is caused by self-control, the Columbia Spectator reported.

Plans for an independent graduate school announced at town hall

(10/22/15 12:11am)

Professors and graduate students gathered in the Rockefeller Center yesterday for a “town hall” style meeting to hear dean of graduate studies Jon Kull announce a plan for a new, administratively independent School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at the College that would report directly to Provost Carolyn Dever. The new graduate school would centralize the administration of graduate programs to make communication and coordination easier, encourage the creation of interdisciplinary programs and help with graduate student and faculty recruitment, he said.

Admissions turnover unlikely to affect applications

(10/22/15 12:07am)

As the admissions office prepares for a swell of applications in the run-up to the Nov. 1 early decision application deadline, college counselors and prospective members of the Class of 2020 said that they do not anticipate that the transition from former dean of admissions and financial aid Maria Laskaris’s leadership to the new interim dean Paul Sunde will affect this year’s admissions process.

Liz Stahler brings experience, “warmth” to new position as sexual assault counselor

(10/21/15 11:56pm)

When Liz Stahler was 16, she was a sexual health educator on an AIDS action committee. After her sophomore year of college, she interned at a California prison, focusing on supporting female prisoners. Following a brief stint as a folk song writer and singer, she entered graduate school for social work, where she interned at Wellesley College in the counseling department. This August, Stahler joined the Dick’s House staff as a counselor devoted to supporting survivors of sexual assault, a new position at the College.

Fishbein: Voting Is Not Enough

(10/21/15 10:30pm)

Election season is heating up. The New Hampshire primaries are only a little more than three months away, and more and more presidential candidates have begun to visit Hanover. Republican candidate George Pataki came to campus on Oct. 5, while Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley stopped by the Top of the Hop last Friday. If you turn on a television, you are bound to see campaign ads from candidates on both sides of the aisle. This is all a part of a marketing ploy to sell us, the viewers, on what amounts to a flat-out lie — that our individual votes matter.

Lu: Implicitly Racist Policies

(10/21/15 10:30pm)

Each presidential election brings with it a series of political and personal controversies surrounding the candidates, and the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination has been no different. Outrageous statements from the many, many individuals running have dominated news headlines for months. When you look at the actual policies that these politicians are proposing, however, you find that they are still ridiculous. Some proposals, like eliminating birthright citizenship, are downright racist. Some have defended these policies advocated by Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal by saying they are not explicitly about race, and thus cannot be considered racist. This is patently false and an astoundingly myopic view of how policies can influence the daily lives of individuals. When you propose policies that oppress, disenfranchise and target a specific racial group, that is racist.

Volleyball captain Paige Caridi ’16 leads revival of program

(10/21/15 10:01pm)

Paige Caridi ’16, who hails from Austin, Texas, said that in her hometown, “volleyball is a hub — everyone plays.” Since she started playing at only eight years old, volleyball has been an integral part of Caridi’s life. At age nine, she began playing select volleyball with her local club, where she played for two years.

Jeon: Racism’s Raw Truth

(10/20/15 11:20pm)

I still remember the sinking feeling in my gut, promptly replaced by a simmering rage, when a pedestrian in the Pennsylvania suburbs — where my family had moved to from South Korea — hurled an ethnic slur at me. Then there was the time when my parents, unskilled in spoken English, remained shocked in silence as a homeowner launched a racist tirade against them for accidentally driving through his frontyard. Throughout high school, whenever I volunteered at a community tutoring center for children, several children mocked me by slanting their eyes with their fingers.

Ghavri: Watch and Learn, Republicans

(10/20/15 11:15pm)

Democratic presidential candidate and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley summed up the differences between Republican and Democratic party rhetoric when he concluded the Oct. 13 debate, saying “on this stage, you didn’t hear anyone denigrate women, you didn’t hear anyone make racist comments about new immigrants, you didn’t hear anyone speak ill of anyone because of their religious belief.”