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Alumni input helped shape Greek proposal

(11/10/14 11:29pm)

About three weeks ago, the Inter-Fraternity Council and fraternity alumni advisors began drafting a proposal recommending changes to Greek life, addressing areas like high-risk drinking, sexual misconduct, freshman safety, house renovations, faculty advisors and inclusivity. Soon afterward, IFC met with the Panhellenic Council and Gender-Inclusive Greek Council to share a preliminary draft.

Miller: Censoring Course Reviews

(11/10/14 10:38pm)

The recent faculty vote to open course evaluations ostensibly seems to be a move in the right direction. And in some regards it is — Dartmouth ought to have made course evaluations available to students long ago. The editorial board’s Nov. 7 Verbum Ultimum discussed some of the proposal’s flaws, but it did not highlight some of the most troubling ones. In addition to the “opt-in” clause, which enables faculty members to open course reviews at their discretion, there is also the more troubling ability for faculty members to cherry-pick responses. Faculty members will have a 10-day window to pore over student comments, pull out ones they arbitrarily deem objectionable and submit them to their dean. The professor, then, could decide to censor student comments. Where is the line between truthful negative comments and ones subjectively considered to be inappropriate?

A Guide to the Best Proposal Spots On Campus

(11/10/14 10:00am)

Have you ever looked around campus and, after seeing the mountains, trees and endless vests, noticed an oddly high number of couples at Dartmouth? Despite the College’s famed hookup culture, I sure see a lot of happy couples around holding hands. This may be due to Dartmouth’s rumored 40-percent marriage rate between graduates — although other sources say it’s only 10 percent. Regardless, that means that between one and four out of every 10 students will marry another Dartmouth grad, and that means lots of them will be proposing to their significant others on our very campus. So here’s a guide to help you find the best place to do so: