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Hood events explore the civil rights movement through art

(10/15/14 7:55pm)

As if an imaginary fist from behind the frame had punched through the foil of Jack Whitten’s “Birmingham 1964” (1964), a hole appears like an artifact of violence, a documentation of the civil rights movement. The hole is a window, offering a view of an old newspaper photo. A stocking mesh prevents a clear view of the image.

Any Given Thursday

(10/15/14 6:24pm)

Every great athlete has to pass on the reins. Sometimes stars try to hang on to their waning moments of glory (see: Brett Favre), and, though we love these athletes for what they’ve given us, we also realize that it’s time to call it quits. Earlier this term at the Hop, Joe Clyne ’16, aka Fish, sat across the table from me. You could see it in his eyes — he was done. After years of wear and tear from the game he loved, exhaustion had consumed his body. I knew what was coming before he even spoke — it was a proverbial passing of the torch. The wily veteran was ready to spend his remaining years wasting away on a golf course (or editing the sports section), and the up-and-coming star was prepared to take his place. And so begins a new era of “Riding the Pine” which henceforth will be called “Any Given Thursday.”

Grant supports Geisel research

(10/14/14 10:21pm)

More than $3 million from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute will support Geisel research on the effectiveness of health care delivery strategies. Geisel psychiatry professor Dror Ben-Zeev received $1.88 million to evaluate new smartphone technology for mental health patients, and Rachel Thompson, a health policy and clinical practice professor at The Dartmouth Institute, received $2 million to study new video and paper comparison tools to help women choose contraceptive methods. Thompson will lead the study with Geisel professor Glyn Elwyn.

College’s first Stamps Scholars start projects

(10/14/14 10:20pm)

Studying irrigation canals in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Mexico, and climate change and geopolitical issues in the Arctic, among other projects, six Dartmouth students are using their $10,000 awards by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation to pursue global research. The five juniors and one senior selected as the College’s inaugural class of Stamps Scholars are planning and launching their projects this fall.

Smith: Battling Binge Drinking

(10/14/14 10:15pm)

The legal drinking age has been under fire since the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 raised it to 21. Rather than try to fight the act through legal or social means, many young people simply choose to ignore it, happily consuming alcohol despite its illegality. For evidence, you don’t have to look any further than our own campus, where dozens of Good Samaritan calls come in every term — and since most students are underage, these calls are likely due to underage drinking. Whether we like it or not, drinking is an integral part of the social culture here at Dartmouth, much like it is at most colleges. Though the school is constantly forming new policies to curb alcohol consumption and promote alternative social activities, a larger issue is being ignored. The legal drinking age in the United States should be 18 instead of 21, because the current drinking age is both senseless and hypocritical.

If Reality TV Shows Came To Hanover

(10/14/14 3:00pm)

This past week has felt like a terrible dream: no sleep, too much work and a constant fight against a stupid cold. Most logical human beings would stay inand catch up on that mythical thing I call “sleep,” but then again I am a college student and we as a breed are living, breathing contradictions. We enjoy calling our parents at midnight before a test to tear up about all the work we have so they can comfort us, only to seamlessly transition to dancing on tables the very next night. I think as a breed we are losing our short-term memory.