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FoCo Joe: Homecoming French Fry Bonfire

(10/17/14 2:45pm)

Happy Homecoming everyone! What better way to celebrate this wonderful weekend than with an exciting French Fry Bonfire straight from FoCo? This week’s dessert is French fries topped with “the fire” – no, it is not spicy, nor is it the predictable ketchup-mustard combo. This is a dessert fire, if you will—a sweet and creamy concoction of vanilla soft serve, orange soda and (since it is fall) a touch of pumpkin ice cream. This week’s dessert, unlike last week’s Apple Burger, is incredibly easy to replicate. Step 1: Grab a handful of fries, around 20 or so, from the grill station. If you want to make a giant bonfire, by all means go for it; this dessert is intended to serve one to two people (also unlike most of my other dessert creations — woohoo!). Step 2: Stack fries “log cabin” style — two parallel French fries to start the first layer, then another pair of French fries on top as another “story.” The second pair is perpendicular to the first “story.” Use longer French fries at the bottom of the bonfire, and shorter ones toward the top. Step 3: Mix vanilla soft serve (or ice cream — it’s just a preference thing for me, though ice cream is creamier and thicker in texture) with a small scoop of pumpkin ice cream and some orange soda. To give the “fire” the hot color it deserves, veer toward the orange soda bias and use the vanilla more conservatively. Step 4: Dip fries into the “fire” and enjoy! This dessert is not quite as savory and amazing as the McDonald’s French fry-McFlurry combo, but at least you can finally “touch the fire” safely.

Racial identity informs Greek experience, students say

(10/17/14 2:30am)

In summer 2013, Alpha Delta fraternity and Delta Delta Delta sorority hosted a Bloods and Crips-themed party — spurring campus uproar, national media attention and, eventually, policy changes meant to reprimand cultural insensitivity in the Greek system. Noah Smith ’15, a member of Phi Delta Alpha fraternity, said the controversy led him to question how he fit into a community that some were calling racist.

Sorority and fraternity members find various ways to serve

(10/17/14 2:29am)

It was Green Key weekend, known for outdoor concerts, day drinking and revelry. But several fraternities had another goal in mind: raising money for the Upper Valley Haven, an organization based in White River Junction that provides shelter, food and clothing to those in need. With an ankle-level round horizontal net and a number of balls, 32 teams competed in the first annual Green Key Spikeball Tournament — ultimately donating more than $1,000 to the local shelter.