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Following loss to St. Bonaventure, men's basketball to face Hartford

(11/18/14 7:07pm)

The men’s basketball team opened its season with a non-conference loss, 77-57, against St. Bonaventure University — the first-ever meeting between the Big Green (0-1) and the Bonnies (1-0). Wednesday, the team moves on to play Hartford University (1-1). In its match against the Hawks last year, Dartmouth lost 68-56.

Dating at Dartmouth: The Blind Leading the Blind

(11/18/14 9:00am)

I must have reached adulthood because this summer my parents began talking about their retirement. “We won’t have to worry about being in a home,” they explained to my siblings and me. “Grace and her cats will just live with us!” Some background: my brother has had some sort of girlfriend for the past two years, my sister the same way since middle school. Me? My family likes to joke about my imaginary boyfriend “Steve.” I am quite literally the seventh wheel any time my family gets together.

Vandermause: Spreading Science

(11/17/14 10:57pm)

Last fall, Jim Gates, an eminent string theorist and a member of President Barack Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, gave a talk at Dartmouth and said something that rattled me. This country does not need more people like me, he declared. He was speaking as a theoretical scientist and tenured professor to a room full of undergraduate and graduate science students who dreamed of one day having a career like his. Needless to say, his words were not especially comforting.

Woodward: Wherefore Art Thou, Mr. President?

(11/17/14 10:42pm)

“It is time for Dartmouth to change. And as your president, I will lead that change.” College President Phil Hanlon said these words at his April presidential summit, when he launched a process of reform to end harmful behavior in the areas of sexual assault, high-risk drinking and a lack of inclusivity, driven by the mechanism of the “Moving Dartmouth Forward” steering committee. He cited “the grave disconnect between our culture in the classroom and the behaviors outside of it” as the basis of necessary change, and I’m certainly inclined to support him in that notion. However, our president must also recognize that there is now a grave disconnect between our student culture and the perceptions of administrators working to change it. In this time of uncertainty, veiled animosity and seemingly pointless resistance to the inevitability of change, the Dartmouth student body requires stability, receptivity and solidarity in the dialogue with the powers that be.

Traynor: Fixing Free Speech

(11/17/14 10:39pm)

Free speech is often cited as a cornerstone of American democracy. Individuals or a group have the right to express themselves and say whatever they want with fairly few restrictions. As long as the speech does not imminently incite violence, constitute slander or libel, or have excessively objectionable content, the speech is allowed. This protects crucial kinds of free expression, like criticisms of the government or U.S. policy, the publication of potentially risqué or provocative works and the ability to mock others for comedic effect. It allows for dissenting but respectful viewpoints critical to our system of democracy: people can be heard even if they have an unpopular opinion, and they have the opportunity to convince people of the virtue of their point of view. That said, this country has gone too far in allowing people to say whatever they want, and should curtail speech that is obviously harmful to society, such as hate speech.