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Miller: Abroad And At Play

(11/04/13 7:13pm)

Before the start of fall term, I traveled to Asia for the first time to visit my friend and former roommate in China. The trip was very eye-opening and provided me with the opportunity to see a variety of people, places and cultural elements that I had never experienced. I spent time with students on the Beijing language study abroad program and interacted with them without actually being part of the group, as a sort of third party observer. Much to my surprise, they were living with each other in dorms, not even integrated with the other Chinese students on campus. They also took classes with one another, rather than with the many thousands of Chinese students on campus. It was as though a small piece of Dartmouth had been transplanted in, and yet isolated from, the rest of Beijing.

Yang: A Well-Placed Appeal

(11/04/13 7:08pm)

In a surprising op-ed for The Wall Street Journal this Sunday, usually apolitical Apple CEO Time Cook urged Congress to approve the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, which up to now has received tepid public support. The proposed bill, currently under review by Congress, would protect workers from discrimination and termination as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Although more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have adopted written nondiscrimination policies explicitly prohibiting harassment and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, their actual commitment to such promises vary wildly. For this reason, Cook’s, and by extension, Apple’s, support of ENDA is incredibly important. The bill faces an uncertain outlook in the Republican-controlled House and stiff opposition from conservative groups such as the Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council. As a lesson in audience-specific advocacy and a promising sign of things to come from Apple’s leadership, Cook’s op-ed this weekend is both substantively and ideologically meaningful.

All Put Together

(11/04/13 12:00pm)

It’s barely November, and you’ve been wearing a sweater with pants almost every day. You’re tired of wearing what seems like a uniform. So why not try an embellished sweater? The embellished sweater may come across that a bedazzler attacked a sweater, but they can help you get out of your fall/winter wardrobe rut.