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What to Watch For

(10/08/12 2:00am)

Vince Marriott: Baseball playoff season is upon us, and once more I can't wait for having every night of the week occupied by closely contested playoff series. This week, I'll be keeping a close eye on the series between the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees, as this matchup is of near-historic significance. The Orioles have long been the bottom-dwellers of the AL East, and this series gives them the chance to prove once and for all that they can take on the best baseball team in history (in terms of championships won). Even though the Yankees took the division this year, I expect this series to last a while, and Game 3 will be pivotal. (Wednesday, TBS)

Battle of the Sexes

(10/08/12 2:00am)

Hello readers. I am going to confide in you I am a man of many fears. The thought of getting shot makes my amygdala pulsate. Just looking at a spider has caused me to wet myself on several occasions. But my two greatest fears of all are heights and back flips. Picturing either one of these is enough to make me shudder, shiver and quiver. So if I had to do both at the same time that is, disorient myself while high in the air with a distinct possibility of splitting my skull open like a cantaloupe well, let's just say I wouldn't be in my happy place.

Men's soccer shuts out Bulldogs

(10/08/12 2:00am)

The Big Green (5-5, 1-1 Ivy) battled to victory over the fiery Bulldogs (3-5-3, 0-1-1 Ivy), getting its quest for a second consecutive conference title back on track following a 2-1 extra-time defeat in last week's Ivy opener at Princeton University. Effective build-up play coupled with an impressive defensive performance proved to be the perfect formula for victory in a match that the Big Green consistently dominated.

Midseason Report: Top 10 Ivy Football Players

(10/08/12 2:00am)

RB Akil Sharp, senior, Princeton University. Sharp has scored four rushing touchdowns in only three games for a less-than-potent Princeton offense. His four scores are only two less than opponents have scored against the Tigers this year. He is averaging 52 rushing yards per game and looks to be a crucial component in Princeton's resurgence in Ivy League football.

Brooks: Don't Dimiss the NRO

(10/08/12 2:00am)

Whether it was through a game of harbor, a trip to the river or watching the Olympics, I found plenty of time during my Summer term for fun and distractions, and I ultimately had an amazing experience in part due to the NRO I used in one of my courses. So when I read that some professors were critical of the non-recording option policy, I immediately felt the need to come to the defense of one of the College's best policies ("NRO policy can detract, professors say," Sept. 25).

Rothfeld: Mischaracterizing Feminism

(10/08/12 2:00am)

Since the advent of second-wave feminism in the 1960s, the mainstream feminist movement has suffered a disquieting decline in popularity. According to a 2009 poll conducted by CBS News, only 24 percent of American women identify themselves as feminists. Among men, numbers are even more disheartening: Only 14 percent of the American male population identifies as feminist, while 24 percent of American men regard the term as an insult.

Graduate student dies in Vermont car accident

(10/07/12 11:00am)

First-year physics graduate student Mikhail Lomakin died in Hartford, Vt., early Saturday morning, according to a campus-wide email from Interim College President Carol Folt and Dean of Graduate Studies Jon Kull '88. The 24-year-old was found at the scene of a car accident on I-91 southbound at mile marker 73 in Hartford, according to News10 ABC.

Go to Town On: Moosilauke Ravine Lodge

(10/05/12 4:00pm)

The Lodge, located about an hour’s drive from campus, can accommodate 84 dinner guests and 94 overnight guests. On any given evening as you sit down to eat, you will be served a multicourse meal of homemade bread and soup, salad, and then the entrée. And guess what – many of the meals whipped up by the dedicated Lodge staff come from the cookbook Favorite Recipes from Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. The price of your meal even includes evening entertainment! While you dine, enjoy presentations by Lodge staff, musical performances, movie nights, skits or games. Rumor has it that winners of the games get first dibs on dessert… You can also choose to go in the morning just to enjoy breakfast but I’ll let you in on another insider secret – you get unlimited tea and hot chocolate if you pay for either breakfast or dinner.

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