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Hood acquires multimedia ‘Night Hunter House' exhibit

(10/09/12 2:00am)

"Night Hunter House" is a physical sculpture, but its multimedia aspect is what gives the display its meaning. The unique display is the companion piece to Steers' short film "Night Hunter" (2011), which was entered into the short film competition in the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Music professor Larry Polansky composed the score for the film.

Vann Island

(10/09/12 2:00am)

In my first Vann Island column in the spring (devoted readers, remember how my column was originally titled Corey's Corner?), I officially jumped ship from the Indianapolis Colts and hopped on the Denver Broncos bandwagon. At the time of the decision (what up, LeBron), I was well aware of the potential of how good an Andrew Luck-led Colts team could be.

Sellers: Beware of Brain Rot

(10/09/12 2:00am)

The perils of television-induced brain rot have been preached to us since the time we were young. Great-aunts and teachers warn us of the danger of television as if watching it were the same as staring at food heating up in the microwave. With a stern look and wagging finger, they caution that sitting in front of the tube will turn your brain to mush (which is exactly what those zombies from AMC's "The Walking Dead" want).

Kim: To What Degree?

(10/09/12 2:00am)

Going to Dartmouth is a privilege. Thousands of other students were denied the seats that we currently hold, and virtually all of us will be graduating with shiny Ivy League degrees that many of us hope will give us an edge in landing lucrative and prestigious careers. On the other hand, a bachelor's degree from any college has been catapulted from a means of academic accreditation to an absolute prerequisite for entering the white-collar job market.

Daily Debriefing

(10/09/12 2:00am)

While the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear a challenge to race-based affirmative action at the University of Texas on Wednesday, India's Supreme Court is hearing a case on caste-based affirmative action, The New York Times reported. In addition to considering students' race, religion and national origin, Indian universities currently reserve spots for students from "backward castes." This practice is in response to long-standing social and economic disadvantages of the Dalits and other "low" castes. Separate from the court case, the Indian Parliament is expected address this issue in the form of a possible constitutional amendment within the next few months. If approved, the amendment would allow caste-based quotas for university admission, government hiring and federal promotions. Some critics have argued, however, that many traditionally disadvantaged castes are currently prospering and that such quotas would be unfair. In the past, India's Supreme Court has not allowed university admissions quotas to surpass 50 percent of all admitted students. Anti-discrimination programs similar to India's quota system also exist in Brazil and Malaysia, according to The Times.

BADA celebrates 40 years as College organization

(10/09/12 2:00am)

The Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association, founded in 1972 during a time of social change in the United States that prompted the College to begin admitting more black students, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year as a network for black students and alumni. To celebrate, BADA will host a series of events over Homecoming weekend for alumni and their families, according to BADA President Ellis Rowe '74.