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Soccer clinches second at the last second

(11/12/12 4:00am)

With 20 seconds remaining in the first period of the golden goal extra time, Dartmouth had a corner kick but seemed to be heading toward another period of extra time. A cross from midfielder Kevin Dzierzawski '13 landed in the box, ricocheting off players from both teams. As the clock ticked down to zero, Skelly controlled the ball and slammed it into the left side of the net past the hands of goalkeeper Sam Kernan-Schloss mid-dive, marking his first goal of the season.

What NOT to Watch For

(11/12/12 4:00am)

Vince Marriott: The NHL. The status of the labor negotiations never seems to improve, and time keeps on ticking. The recent leak of confidential documents detailing labor talks and the fact the two sides only met for an hour on Sunday leads me to believe that there won't be a pro hockey season this year. The negotiation process, however, has received more media attention than a regular hockey season ever would, so at least hockey is getting some publicity. Something else not to watch for is another Sports Weekly edited by us. It's been real guys, and keep an eye out for the next generation of sports editors taking over in the winter.

Battle of the Sexes

(11/12/12 4:00am)

Hello, readers. Yes, formal season is winding down. Yes, the excitement surrounding elections has come and gone. And yes, finals are about to devour your life. But don't let that dampen your spirits because if you keep reading, you will find out what happens when a group of Normal Normans takes on Dartmouth's varsity field hockey team!

Underclassmen shine in basketball teams' opener victories

(11/12/12 4:00am)

For the Big Green women, the sophomore class shined as Abbey Schmitt '15 had a double-double and Kamala Thompson '15 recorded a game-high and career-best 17 points in the win. Schmitt's 11 points and game-high 14 rebounds came during a game that was her collegiate debut, since she missed her freshman season due to an injury.

Abbey D'Agostino repeats as Northeast Regional champion

(11/12/12 4:00am)

The Dartmouth men's and women's cross country teams closed out their seasons on Friday at the NCAA Northeast Regional at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Conn., where the men took fourth and the women finished 10th. Even though she missed the last two races due to injury, Abbey D'Agostino '14 showed no signs of rust, repeating as individual champion and advancing to Saturday's NCAA Championships in Louisville, Ky.

Sellers: A Sex Ed Reality Check

(11/12/12 4:00am)

We all know that teen pregnancy is a problem. But for most of us, it is a far-off threat, one that is confined to the glow of MTV's "Teen Mom" on Tuesday nights. The idea of being a mother or father at this point in life or earlier is, for many of us, a distant concern. My typical reaction when Facebook shows me yet another girl from my high school sporting a baby bump is either a sigh or a passing thought of condolence. Personally, it is difficult to imagine toting around a crying, miniature me on my hip, especially since I find it hard enough to take care of myself each day. However, with recent attacks on Planned Parenthood and its contraceptive services and the prevalence of abstinence-only sex education in public schools, my high school classmates' situations and the country's financial concerns are inextricably linked.

Daily Debriefing

(11/12/12 4:00am)

Students in Women's and Gender Studies 80, "Feminist Theory and Methodology," posted a petition online over the weekend conveying their frustration with what they perceive to be the College's anti-feminist culture. The petition advocates for a culture and community at Dartmouth that promotes "integrity, responsibility and consideration." The petition also argues that the College has resisted the need for a cohesive community and does not uphold the "Principle of Community," which discourages sexism, racism, homophobia, prejudice and violence. Students at the College "rape, are raped and are taught to accept that sexual violence is a facet of our campus," according to the petition. To create a greater sense of community at the College, the petition suggests that the administration institute a required sex and sexuality seminar for all first-year students, renovate all social spaces to make them safer environments and enforce zero-tolerance violence policies. As of press time, approximately 560 people had signed the petition. Members of the class will present their proposals to senior administrators on Monday.

‘Demo Day' highlights new apps

(11/12/12 4:00am)

At the College's first "Demo Day," representatives from Mitosis Undergraduate Accelerator, a program started by Riley Ennis '15 and Matt Ross '15 to support young entrepreneurs at the College, and Barris Incubator Program, a platform for Tuck School of Business students to promote their business ventures, presented their companies' products and business plans to an audience of 120 undergraduates, Tuck and Thayer School of Engineering graduate students, faculty members and investors in Tuck's Borelli Classroom on Friday.

Many minority students do not rush

(11/12/12 4:00am)

Dartmouth students can choose to rush fraternities and sororities beginning in their sophomore fall. Panhellenic Council sororities, Inter-Fraternity Council fraternities and coed houses offer open rush processes in the fall and winter, while many multicultural Greek organizations offer an additional spring rush process. About 75 percent of eligible men and women rush Panhell or IFC houses the fall of their sophomore year.

Ivy Council convenes for 13th annual meeting

(11/12/12 4:00am)

Over the weekend, Dartmouth's chapter of the Ivy Council an organization that includes representatives from Ivy League universities' student governments hosted the 13th annual Ivy Leadership Summit, which brings students together for keynote presentations, meetings and networking opportunities, according to Ivy Council President Nick Judson '14. During the event, multiple attendees visiting from other universities were arrested for underage drinking, according to students.

Guardian blogger Enten answers questions about politics and statistics

(11/09/12 1:00pm)

Andrew Pham: A lot of the hype on the Internet these past 48 hours has been about Nate Silver and his perfect prediction of the Electoral College results, but Sam Wang of Princeton nailed the popular vote and predicted just as well as Silver did. Do you have any thoughts on either of them?