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Murphy: The Grass is Always Greener

(11/30/11 4:00am)

A Dartmouth professor recently told a colleague: "Everything I teach my undergrads will be obsolete in 10 years." He attempted to introduce his undergraduate students to the frontiers of research in his own special field and those frontiers are constantly moving. No doubt we are all tempted to teach our own research fields and try to introduce our students to the issues and questions that we find so exciting. And there is no doubt that our students often enjoy feeling like participants in creating new knowledge.

Batchelor: Wake Up, N00bs

(11/30/11 4:00am)

The internet is in danger. Actually though.Under the terms of two recently introduced companion bills, the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act, the internet as we know it could come to an end. I'm not being hyperbolic as observers from Silicon Valley to Wall Street have noted, the vague, misguided provisions of these proposals may give rise to a radically new authoritarian internet where government blacklists reign and the slightest misstep could permanently undercut or shutdown the websites you love. Considering the practical, legal and ideological concerns presented by these two bills, it is essential that Dartmouth students and people everywhere actively urge our lawmakers to reconsider.

Daily Debriefing

(11/30/11 4:00am)

Occupy Harvard and Occupy Boston protestors joined together to rally against a Goldman Sachs recruiting session hosted by Harvard University's Career Services on Monday afternoon, The Harvard Crimson reported. Of the 50 protesters who initially gathered for a "Rally to Defend Freedom of Speech," approximately half split off to interrupt the recruiting event. Harvard police officers and Career Services officials denied the protesters entry to the event, citing that the protestors attempting to enter lacked resumes, were not appropriately dressed and would have disrupted the recruiting session since it had already begun, according to The Crimson. Harvard Career Services Director Robin Mount said that while she respected the Occupy Harvard movement, she also respected students' right to search for jobs, The Crimson reported. Monday's rally, which focused on national politics and aimed to demonstrate solidarity with the broader Occupy movement, differed from the majority of Occupy Harvard events which have concentrated on internal university issues, according to The Crimson.

Three candidates enter N.H. gubernatorial race

(11/30/11 4:00am)

Three state political leaders have declared bids in the New Hampshire gubernatorial race following the Sept. 15 announcement that Gov. John Lynch, D-N.H., will not seek a fifth term in office in 2012. Former State Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-Exeter, is currently the only Democratic candidate for governor, according to Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Ovide Lamontagne, an attorney and former GOP gubernatorial candidate, and Kevin Smith, a former State representative, will both seek the Republication nomination in the gubernatorial primary elections, which are tentatively scheduled for Sept. 11, Kirstein said.

Willis steps down after five months as advisor

(11/30/11 4:00am)

Assistant Dean of Student Life and advisor to black students Quantrell Willis resigned on Nov. 21, following a five-month tenure at the College, Director of Media Relations for the College Justin Anderson said in an email to The Dartmouth. Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson announced Willis' decision along with information regarding an upcoming search for his successor in a Nov. 28 email to a select group of students that was obtained by The Dartmouth.

College reduces health care costs

(11/30/11 4:00am)

The College will partner with CVS Caremark to implement a new "pharmacy benefit management program" effective Jan. 1 in order to reduce employee health care costs, Assistant Vice President for Finance Tricia Spellman said in an interview with The Dartmouth. The new partnership which will not affect employees' current access to prescription medication is expected to save the College and beneficiaries a combined $900,000 annually by negotiating with drug companies for lower prescription drug prices, Spellman said.

Co-op gas station slated to close in March 2012

(11/29/11 4:00am)

The Co-op Service Center, which is the only car service center in Hanover and is one of three gas stations in town, will close in March 2012, according to a Monday announcement on the Co-op Food Stores website. Located across from the Hanover Co-op on Park Street, the service center will cease its car services by Jan. 13 and will stop selling gas by the last day of February, according to center supervisor Jeff Miller.

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