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AS SEEN ON: The Dark Ages?

(10/14/10 2:00am)

There comes a moment in every person's life when they look back on the things they've done, the places they've gone and the television they've watched. These memories have their high points (the 10-part miniseries "Band of Brothers") and their low points ("Mind of Mencia" is an obvious example), but all of these reminiscences eventually lead us to bemoan the decline of television from the "good ol' days" to the present.

Stern '87 and Sundberg '90 bring ‘Piece of Work' to campus

(10/14/10 2:00am)

The film grants audiences access into the private and public life of Joan Rivers the good, the bad and the ugly. At times crude, at times funny and at times shockingly unguarded, Rivers carries on with her busy schedule of shows while the cameras follow her every move. As she explains in brief interviews, she must continue with show business even at 75 or she would have nothing. At one point in the documentary, Rivers even begins to cry when she realizes she has no one to share memories with. And yet she fires her manager, with whom she's had the longest-lasting relationship, during the filming.

The Problem of Meritocracy

(10/14/10 2:00am)

Last Monday, some of the members of the senior class attended a ring ceremony that can only be described as palpably meaningless. My classmates' creative interpretations of the business casual dress code were an appropriate commentary on the event's absurdity. But things took a dramatic turn when College President Jim Yong Kim made a startling pronouncement. His message: We seniors are really smart and talented and will go on to do great things. Confronted by this new and terrifying vision of our potential, the Class of 2011 dazedly nibbled at some Hanover Inn cookies (made with locally quarried granite) and argued over the oracle's interpretation in hushed tones. Some were dismayed by the contrast with former College President James Wright's address at our Convocation, which, of course, did not state that we are the promise of tomorrow. "You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake."

Daily Debriefing

(10/13/10 2:00am)

Inge-Lise Ameer, associate dean of the College for student support services, and April Thompson, associate dean of the College for campus life, asked for feedback from freshmen about their Orientation and early Fall experiences at Tuesday night's freshmen-only Student Assembly meeting. Ameer said she intends to improve the advising system, possibly by setting up a peer advising system pairing first-year students with older students. She also intends to revamp faculty advisor training, and set up an online portal where students can view their advisors, she said. Freshmen at the meeting expressed approval of the new mandatory My Student Body online alcohol course that the students completed before matriculating. While students said they mostly viewed the alcohol panel during Orientation as a positive experience, some freshmen raised concerns that the panel failed to represent moderate drinkers. At the meeting, students who reside in substance-free dorms all said they were happy with their living arrangements.