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In light of cuts, profs. stress faculty retention

(11/24/09 4:00am)

Dartmouth professors already routinely receive job offers from other institutions, and discrepancies in salaries, staff support or facilities which may follow on the heels of what could be $100 million in budget cuts over the next two years could tip the hiring balance to Dartmouth's disadvantage, according to several faculty members interviewed by The Dartmouth.

War Is Not the Answer

(11/24/09 4:00am)

In his column last Friday, Chris Talamo '11 ("This War is the Answer," Nov. 20) made some interesting points about the worthiness of the War on Terrorism, concluding that "The world is much better off for America's actions no matter how belligerent." Ultimately, however, I couldn't possibly disagree more. The War on Terrorism has been a failure of both policy and spirit, giving the terrorists exactly what they wanted and significantly weakening our national security.

An Unfair Advantage

(11/24/09 4:00am)

According to a New York Times blog post, a scientific study determined that athletes with lower-leg amputations who use certain high-tech prosthetics appear to have an advantage over ordinary competitors. The carbon-fiber Cheetah Flex Foot, for instance, may provide middle-distance sprinters an edge in races. This discovery raises a number of interesting issues regarding disability accommodations, the definition of competition and the implications of scientific progress.