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Live Free or Die

(10/09/09 2:00am)

"Live Free or Die" New Hampshire's state motto is proudly inscribed on its license plates, echoing the state's libertarian history. These were the words of a man who valued freedom more than his personal longevity Gen. John Stark, a New Hampshire native who fought in the American Revolution.


(10/09/09 2:00am)

This week, College President Jim Yong Kim unexpectedly announced that Provost Barry Scherr would be stepping down after more than eight years as Dartmouth's chief academic officer ("Scherr to Step Down as Provost," Oct. 5). The announcement of Scherr's retirement as provost comes after a series of rapid resignations and departures by high-level officials in the Kim administration, including former Dean of the College Tom Crady and former Dean of Undergraduate Students Rovana Popoff.

Spotlight: Celia Chen '78

(10/09/09 2:00am)

Professor Celia Chen '78 of the biological sciences department has had the gift (or curse) of experiencing two different Dartmouths: the 51-percent female campus we know today, and the male-dominated campus of her undergraduate years. A member of the third coed class (the last all-male class was in its last year at the College when she arrived as a freshman), Professor Chen relives the horrible, wonderful, and the shockingly mundane experiences of Dartmouth in the late 1970s.

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