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Mood in Parkhurst is subdued in light of cuts

(11/19/09 4:00am)

Parkhurst Hall was unusually quiet last week after the announcement of an impending second round of budget reductions shook up staff and administrators alike, according to acting Dean of the College Sylvia Spears. As might be expected, staff members in Parkhurst are apprehensive about how the target of $100 million in budget cuts will affect both their employment and the College's services and programming, according to David Leenders, associate executive officer of the Dean of the College's fiscal office.

College one of few Ivies with ROTC

(11/19/09 4:00am)

As the nation waits to see whether President Barack Obama will follow through on his campaign promise to eliminate the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, Dartmouth remains one of four Ivy League institutions to permit the Reserve Officers' Training Corps to train students on campus. The Army ROTC, which has had a tumultuous history at the College, has survived despite accusations that the program is discriminatory.

College to implement phased budget process

(11/19/09 4:00am)

Dartmouth will rely on a four-phase "framework" to identify and implement the planned budget cuts that will be carried out over the next two fiscal years, Dean of the Faculty and acting Provost Carol Folt and senior vice president and strategic advisor Steven Kadish announced in a campus-wide e-mail Wednesday afternoon. The budget planning efforts will be structured around the scheduled Board of Trustees meetings, which will serve as "focal points" for key decisions in the process, according to the e-mail.

Thinking Outside the Box

(11/19/09 4:00am)

Last year, sizable budget cuts were implemented by the Dartmouth administration, with little noticeable impact on the quality of student life. The newest round of reductions, which may total $100 million, will likely not be as painless. Although some easy cuts may still remain, these easy fixes will not be enough to make up the entirety of the budget shortfall. The time for difficult decisions has come. These cuts will require us to look inward as an institution, deciding which values are fundamental to our mission, and which are negotiable. However, the fact that these decisions must be made on the basis of more essential considerations about Dartmouth's core values does not preclude us from turning to outside experts for some advice.

I Don't Know, But...

(11/19/09 4:00am)

Perhaps I've been reading too many William Safire columns or have succumbed to the jaded pettiness of a senior amidst enthusiastic underclassmen, but I'm using my 700-word allotment to discuss a daily decision in Dartmouth discussion diction that deliberately diminishes discursive value (alliteration, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship). A quotidian bother for this humble columnist has been the frequent use of "I don't know, but" as the preface to comments during class discussions. Despite the lengthy and adequate answer that usually follows, students constantly add this small, humbling prefix to their statements. I have decided to deconstruct the thought process of these self-effacing Ivy Leaguers.