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Strange Bedfellows? Get Over It

(10/02/07 7:34am)

When we think about politics or business, we tend to think in terms of allies and enemies. This is only natural; it's a comfortable way to think about the world. There are allies who you can always implicitly trust because they agree with you and there are enemies who you never have to consider because they are always wrong or against you. However, this is an outmoded way of thinking: There are no longer allies and enemies. There are only partners and non-partners.

Sailing looks to form new team identity for fall season

(10/01/07 7:02am)

Early in this fall season, the Big Green sailing team has already sent some of its athletes to regattas around the northeast. At a Northern Series regatta held at Dartmouth, the Big Green was able to place second, behind the University of Vermont. The highlight of the race came with the first place finish by Matthew Cohen '10 and Christina Clark '10.

Toe to Toe: Hodes versus Schmidley (Hodes)

(10/01/07 6:59am)

Over the past few months, we've seen countless athletes fail to live up to their responsibilities as role models. In many ways, we've come to a point where we expect our heroes to disappoint us, much like the season premiere of NBC's Heroes. We're constantly bombarded by stories of all that is wrong in sports. Bonds, Vick, Ankiel, Pacman, OJ (again), all athletes who could have been celebrated; instead, they've all found themselves in the news for the wrong reasons this summer.