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Crady's New Year's Resolution

(11/30/07 6:36am)

Dean Crady, Fall term is ending and you are about to assume one of the most unique and challenging positions in academia. In our last editorial of the year, we thought it important to discuss what will help you succeed at this job. Dartmouth is a living, breathing set of paradoxes: It oscillates between a liberal arts college and world-class university, between a rural haven for academics and a cosmopolitan cultural center, between embracing tradition and embracing progressivism. As the new dean of the College, you will have a short window of time -- a honeymoon period -- to set the tone for your tenure here. If you succeed, you can positively impact Dartmouth where previous administrative leaders have faltered.

Cool Kids headline scaled-down PB show at Alumni Hall

(11/29/07 8:36am)

Having established a fairly solid online fanbase, which allowed them to begin touring across the nation and spreading their funkadelic, hiptastic sound, The Cool Kids still remain relatively unknown within the realm of mainstream music. Going into the show, I didn't really know what to expect. And from the looks of it, I wasn't the only one, as everyone stood (quite awkwardly) milling about waiting for the show to begin. But it wasn't long before Alumni Hall in the Hopkins Center was rocking, filled with dance-busting, finals-procastinating, Dartmouth students.

Daily Debriefing

(11/29/07 6:46am)

The Dartmouth Skiway recently finished the first two phases of major renovation to its facilities. The new improvements include the construction of almost 1,400 feet of safety netting on the giant slalom course, tree removal, enlargement of trails, expansion of the area's snowmaking system and re-grading of skiways. The changes, initiated by a request from Skiway general manager Doug Holler and Dartmouth men's alpine ski coach Peter Dodge, will put the race course in-line with the safety requirements of the International Ski Federation. The Dartmouth Skiway is the host of several NCAA ski races and the College's annual Winter Carnival alpine ski races.

Seven things to be thankful for -- at least if you're Alex Hodes

(11/29/07 6:06am)

It's the most magical time of the year, right? Umm, wrong. The end of Fall term has consistently been the least enjoyable time of my Dartmouth career. You mean to tell me that I'm supposed to go home for a week and then come back and head right into finals? No thanks. Sure, we've got an extra week of post-Thanksgiving class this year, but it's not helping much. My solution? A second Thanksgiving-themed column. And I promise, I'll try not to make it too cliche.