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DOC gears up for Fall Weekend

(10/05/07 7:04am)

It's Saturday afternoon and you're out for a brisk hike. A pleasant scenario, except that you started this hike more than 24 hours ago. Your feet hurt, your stomach growls after only being fed energy bars and you do not know what's real. Walking along the Appalachian Trail, the same trail you've been on for the past day, you finally round one last corner. You've made it to the Lodge and you can finally relax.

Nelson to convene new COS committee

(10/05/07 7:03am)

Committee on Standards reform took a step forward when Acting Dean of the College Dan Nelson announced the creation of a COS review committee in a letter to the student body on Thursday. The committee, which plans to look into COS transparency, its composition and recommendations of last year's Student Assembly COS task force, is expected to announce its findings in the spring.

Finally, a Good Call on Alcohol

(10/05/07 3:46am)

If a Dartmouth student were intoxicated at an unsafe level in October 2004, his or her friends may likely have been reluctant to call for medical assistance. The Good Samaritan policy at the time failed to guarantee impunity from alcohol policy violations to those who called for help or those who required help. But by summer 2005, the administration ended the limit on the number of Good Samaritan calls for any given student, and added education and counseling as alternatives to disciplinary action. As the Annual Report to the Community of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Disciplinary System demonstrated, these policy reforms have led to tangible positive results. The upward trend in Good Samaritan calls demonstrates the importance and impact of the administration taking a realistic approach to alcohol policy at Dartmouth. Whereas the previous policy primarily expressed the administrations fears of encouraging alcohol use among students, the revised policy acknowledges what should be the primary goal of the policy: to give medical help to those who need it. We commend the administration on its commitment to this policy change, a decision that was clearly informed by the realities of student life. The fact that the Good Samaritan policy is currently in touch with the actualities of the frat basement underscores the importance of the administration continuing to keep tabs on the policys use. Keeping Dartmouth students -- especially freshmen -- informed about the details of Good Samaritan policy must be an ongoing goal moving forward.

Daily Debriefing

(10/04/07 6:14am)

Daniel Cooperman '72 is set to join Apple Inc. as senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, the company announced Sept. 28. "Daniel is an excellent addition to our team and will fit right into Apple's fast-paced culture," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a press release. Cooperman graduated from Dartmouth summa cum laude with the highest honors in economics. He then attended Stanford University's business and law schools, graduating in 1976. Cooperman has worked with San Francisco -based law firm McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen and the consulting group McKinsey & Company. Most recently, Cooperman served as the senior vice president, general counsel and secretary at the Oracle Corporation.

For economics students, a long line outside class

(10/04/07 6:12am)

Economics students have had to eavesdrop on their professor's lectures from hallways this term as their classrooms are filled to the capacity and beyond. Multiple economics classes rapidly reached capacity during registration, leaving dozens of students attending classes in which they were not officially enrolled in hopes of snagging a coveted spot on the wait-list.

'Chance Operations' will shape Cunningham's 'XOVER'

(10/04/07 5:23am)

Typical of Cunningham, rather than returning to a celebration of his past works for the seminal 50th anniversary of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, he continued on his ceaselessly inventive departure from his experience in traditional dance into a world of glorious experimentation with the most current in a string of innovative collaborators -- Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg are noteworthy past examples.

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