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Zach's Guide to Fellating Upperclassmen

(10/09/07 2:32am)

It is hard to pinpoint the emotion I felt upon opening this past week's Dartmouth Mirror to Georgia O'Keefe's "Guide to Eating Out" ("Aurora's Guide to Eating Out, Oct. 5). I was expecting something relative to the "Upper Valley," which the front page of the Mirror had led me to believe. Well actually, with Aurora Wells '10's (the actual author's) meticulous focus on the clitoral hood, "Upper Valley" may in fact have hit it right on the nose (pun intended): "It's all good in the hood."

Why Can't We Be Friends?

(10/09/07 2:31am)

There's a scene in the movie "Mean Girls" in which newcomer Cady -- still completely ignorant of the customs and norms of her American public high school -- surveys the scene in the cafeteria with wonder during her lunch period. She notices that her fellow students are clustered together in distinct groups that, as her friend Janis describes, run the gamut of stereotypical high school cliques: from the "preps" and "J.V. jocks" to "desperate wannabes, burnouts, and sexually active band geeks." Obviously, the movie is a hyperbolic and exaggerated portrayal of social cliques -- funny precisely because its rendering of adolescent social interactions is so over the top. But amidst the laughs is a surprising grain of truth. The movie works partly because its caricature of high school sociology is an honest reflection of how young adults actually partition and subdivide their social world.

Convenience Over Experience

(10/09/07 2:31am)

I was very surprised to read the recent news article in The Dartmouth about the upcoming changes to the Arabic LSA+. ("Arabic dept. upgrades its foreign study prog.," Oct. 4). After experiencing the LSA + for myself this past summer, the last thing I expected was for it to be moved from Fez. I thought, "Why are they playing around with something that worked so well?" The Arabic department is sacrificing the true cultural experience of an incredible city like Fez for the ease and convenience of operating out of a big city like Tangiers.

Big Green field hockey drops overtime heartbreaker at Yale

(10/09/07 2:17am)

Going into Saturday's match-up against Yale (4-5, 1-2 Ivy), the main question for the Dartmouth field hockey team was whether the Big Green could muster 70 full minutes of intensive play. The team delivered, not for just 70 minutes but 85 minutes and 34 seconds of a scoreless game. But the Bulldogs were able to sneak out a victory just 35 seconds into the second overtime, and the Big Green dropped a 1-0 heartbreaker to fall to 2-7 on the season and 1-3 in Ivy League play.

Time to Move On

(10/08/07 6:27am)

I recently spoke with Richard M. Zuckerman '72, chairman of this newspaper during the controversy over the decision to go coeducational 25 years ago and a leader in that effort. He noted that many of the same passions displayed in the governance debate were present then, but after the board reached its decision, Dartmouth alumni moved forward for the good of the College. It is now time to do the same.

Daily Debriefing

(10/08/07 6:22am)

Local presidential candidate Robert Haines, 60, was arraigned Thursday in Manchester District Court on a charge of disorderly conduct, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. The charge against him alleges that Haines began yelling at passersby on the corner of Elm and Merrimack Streets in Manchester shortly after 6 p.m. on Sept. 19 and refused to lower his voice. Haines argued in court that he was targeted by a police department that supports Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, for president. Haines reportedly arrived more than two hours late for his arraignment. After entering the courtroom, Haines was escorted from the premises for disrupting court proceedings when he loudly asked prosecutors and court personnel to support his presidential campaign. Judge Norman Champagne set Haines's disorderly conduct trial for Dec. 20.

Message to students fakes alumni address

(10/08/07 6:17am)

An e-mail sent to students last week that attempted to justify the Association of Alumni's suit against the College was manufactured to make it falsely appear to have been sent from the Association's official account. While the message was drafted by those members of the Association's executive committee who voted for the lawsuit, none of those involved would disclose how it was sent -- beyond saying that "student volunteers" were responsible.

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