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Volleyball ends its season just as it began -- with wins

(11/13/07 6:21am)

In its final two matches of the season and the last for graduating seniors Katie Hirsch '08, Sandy Barbut '08 and Frances Samolowicz '08, the Dartmouth women's volleyball team swept through league rivals Cornell and Columbia at home on Friday and Saturday. The wins assured the Big Green (15-9, 8-6 Ivy) of fourth place in the conference, its best finish in eight years.

The Pursuit of Happiness

(11/13/07 6:03am)

We Americans work a lot. A 2005 study by the Families and Work Institute found that two-thirds of Americans are either "highly" or "chronically" overworked, and it shows in our faces and sighs. All American workers face the basic conflict between material comfort and leisure time. Why can't we have a lot of both? The immediate answer is our market-driven economy, which ensures that punishment for slacking off is swift and dire. The deeper answer is the interaction of two inconveniences fundamental to humanity: hedonism and narcissism.

Daily Debriefing

(11/12/07 8:58am)

The Green sprang into brilliance Sunday night in observance of the major Indian and Nepalese holiday festival of Diwali. Diwali, which occurs in late autumn, celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. On Sunday night, the second day of the week-long holiday, participants marked the occasion by lighting hundreds of candles along the pathways in the green. At the center, candles were arranged in the form of the auspicious symbol Ohm and to spell out the word Shanti, which means peace. The event was organized by the Upper-Valley Shanti organization, which consists of both college students and local families.

Poverty specialist: language does matter

(11/12/07 8:57am)

Members of different classes should not make assumptions about each other, Jodi Pfarr, a consultant for Aha! Process Inc., said in a day-long "Bridges out of Poverty" seminar Saturday in the East Wheelock Cluster. Pfarr, who grew up in generational poverty in South Dakota and has worked for Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army and the St. Paul Police Department, emphasized the importance of listening to people from other classes instead of making assumptions about their problems and imposing solutions.

Council files amicus brief to dismiss

(11/12/07 8:56am)

The Dartmouth Alumni Council filed a brief Thursday calling on the Grafton County Superior Court to dismiss the Association of Alumni's lawsuit against the College. The "friend of the court" brief, or amicus curiae, argues that the executive committee of the Association does not have the authority to file a suit and that its legal action goes against the will of a majority of the alumni body.