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Coach's fiancee held in immigration mixup

(11/15/07 8:41am)

Valeria Vinnikova, the German fiancee of internationally recognized squash player and assistant Dartmouth squash Coach Johan Weins, was released from jail on Nov. 9 following her arrest for allegedly violating immigration procedures. Her case, which she described in a panel discussion in Moore Hall Wednesday evening, garnered the attention of local businessmen, lawyers and politicians.

Emphasizing the Positive

(11/15/07 7:07am)

For the first time since matriculation, I am an outsider to the College. I am currently off campus for two terms due to the D-Plan, and can only see Dartmouth through a very constricted lens. As an outsider, I've been able to view Dartmouth in various lights. I see the College in one light as a student who is actively involved on campus and has knowledge of the College's unique atmosphere, and in another light as a person who sees things objectively from a distance.

Cougar Comeback

(11/15/07 7:06am)

The revolution of the older woman has arrived. It seems that finally, in 2007, Hollywood has come to realize that middle-aged women are no longer just your second-grade teacher or the soccer moms on the sidelines or the ladies who play bridge and talk about menopause on Sunday nights. Hollywood has finally realized that older women are, well, hot.

CSI: Career Services Investigation

(11/15/07 7:05am)

"All dreams are welcome here," pledges Career Services to anxious Dartmouth students aspiring to find their ideal entry-level position for life post Hanover. Amid the resume drops, career fairs and rounds of interviews that have created the corporate recruiting buzz on campus, hordes of government, biology and history majors feel left out and that Career Services' mantra should instead read: "Some dreams are more welcome here than others." Is this fair?

Remembering Ben Lolies

(11/15/07 7:04am)

It seems to have passed nearly unnoticed around Hanover that several weeks ago Ben Lolies '09 died in a motorcycle accident ("Junior dies in motorcycle accident," Oct. 29). Perhaps it was because few students knew him. He only spent a little time on campus because of a bad case of Crohn's disease, and when he was here he was not very active in campus life. Still, I am sorry to see that Dartmouth has allowed his death to pass with such a small reaction. If we claim to be a tight-knit community, we should try to remember the ones we lose. Someone should tell a story of Ben, even if it is incomplete. My story is one of a genuinely good, gifted man who had a lot to offer. It may not be much, but it is something to remember him by.

Britney may be a disaster, but her album is brilliant

(11/15/07 6:58am)

"Blackout" is creepy, deranged and brilliant. It's as if Edward Scissorhands threw a rager in his factory of earthly delights. The demonic, tone-deaf voices in the chorus of "Gimme More" (currently at number 13, down from its peak at three on the Billboard Hot 100) set the tone for this collection of club-thumpers. In the scintillating "Hot as Ice," it sounds like robotic gargoyles are chanting the syncopated ouga-chaka-ouga-chakas in the background.

Guitar Hero III lives up to hype, totally rocks out, man

(11/15/07 6:57am)

Just in time for the holidays and for the alleviation of post-second-midterm-crunch-time-depression arrives the highly anticipated and universally extolled "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock." The head-bangin', whammy board-breakin', tendonitis-inducin' third installment in the popular music video game series has taken the otherwise cramped, comfortless and poorly outfitted Dartmouth residence hall by storm (along with the rest of the world, for that matter).

NetBlitz conks out, resurrection unlikely

(11/14/07 7:29am)

NetBlitz, a service that allows undergraduates and alumni to access BlitzMail through the Internet, broke down on Tuesday morning, and is unlikely to be resuscitated. Dartmouth's System Services staff members are unable to resolve the problem because they do not have access to the source code of the NetBlitz software, and they are encouraging those who need browser-based access to BlitzMail to use Webmail or WebBlitz.

Daily Debriefing

(11/14/07 7:16am)

Three pieces of legislation, debate on a dinner and the Dartmoose were the primary topics at Student Assembly Tuesday night. Legislation passed to renew and expand the Student Organizations Food Discount Program which provides student groups 30 percent off Dominos Pizza orders, to fund the Profiles in Excellence Award acknowledging one undergraduate faculty member for distinguished teaching each term and to provide funding to publish the results of a Diversity and Community Affairs Committee report on issues of respect between students and faculty. Some debate arose over the second legislative proposal, funding the Profiles in Excellence Program, and its allotment of $600 dollars per term to host a dinner for the professor and 20-50 students. However, a motion to halve that amount was struck down. The Assembly's trasurer also reported that Dartmoose attended a number of events this term and that Student Assembly was exploring its future presence at athletic events.