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Creepy setting lends an eerie intimacy to DTC's 'No Exit'

(11/13/06 11:00am)

For all those who attended one of the Displaced Theater Company's performances of Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit" this weekend, there was, quite literally, no exit. The audience members were warned upon arrival that there would be no leaving whatsoever during the show, a warning that eventually seemed futile given the frightening, riveting intensity of the performance.

'The Real Animal House' relies on perverse shock tactics

(11/13/06 11:00am)

Welcome to the world of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity in 1960, where brains scraped from the windshield of a car wreck are a perfect ingredient for the house brew, where the greatest achievement in recent memory was a brother who could shake quarters out of his foreskin, and where urination, defecation and masturbation make up the Holy Trinity.

Women's hockey looks to continue winning streak on home ice

(11/10/06 11:00am)

"We started out with one very tough opponent for two games," head coach Mark Hudak said, alluding to the opening contests against No. 3 Mercyhurst. "We didn't go into the weekend taking anything for granted. What we pulled out of that weekend is that we have to get a little bit hungrier, a little bit grittier. If we can do a good job in the defensive zone, we feel like that can pay great dividends on the other side of the ice."

Racism Remains at Dartmouth

(11/10/06 11:00am)

Dartmouth is a school that prides itself on its commitment to diversity. We have a relatively high percentage of minority students. We have affinity houses, strong academic programs in areas like African-American and Latino studies, and recruiters who seek to bring the brightest minority students to Dartmouth. We even have an entire administrative branch -- the Office of Pluralism and Leadership -- devoted to fostering mutual respect and understanding on campus. All of these attributes reinforce the fact that Dartmouth is a school where minority students can feel welcome and accepted among their peers.

Elections and Outcomes

(11/10/06 11:00am)

The results of the national midterm elections this past week have arguably renewed America's faith in the ability for voters to call for a change in political direction. Preliminary data from Reuters predicts that voter turnout rose above 40 percent, the highest midterm percentage since 1982. Furthermore, the relatively quick resolution of most races, notably the decision by Sen. George Allen to concede in Virginia, prevents a long, drawn-out battle that could further demoralize those who believe in the American democratic process. President Bush has rightfully called for stronger bipartisanship as all U.S. citizens look toward a more productive future government. The elections have provided much-needed change and restored sorely needed governmental checks and balances to Washington. However, the bickering, negative and partisan campaigning that characterized much of this election season feels very close to home. Dartmouth's recent referendum on the proposed changes to the Alumni Constitution similarly experienced historic voting levels, and partisanship often trumped the issues.

Quick Fix

(11/10/06 11:00am)

Secret lives -- they can range from Mitty-esque daydreaming into full blown, much cooler secret-agent double identities. But, in case you don't actually live a top-secret lifestyle, but, like me, just watch the relevant movies so when you do get recruited by some agency, you'll be prepared to kick ass, here's a mix of songs to distract from the ennui of merely one life to live.

OMG I Saw A Movie

(11/10/06 11:00am)

Momma, Daddy, I'm dropping out of Dartmouth. I've gotten all I can out of this institution. I'm going to go out in the world to learn magic. Yes family, I will be the greatest magician ever. Ever. Why this sudden change of heart? I saw a movie. An absolutely true movie and David Bowie was in it so how could it not be real? It was "The Prestige." Now I'm not going to lie and say that this was the best movie ever because it wasn't. It was confusing and weird and I'm still not exactly sure what I watched and I'm not sure I would know even if I watched it three more times. But, I do know that magic is awesome and, apparently, it used to rule the world.

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